Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Trip to the Fair

Otherwise titled: “Blair’s First Fair Food Tour.”

People come from all over to go to our fair. And for those of us who are from the home of the Georgia National Fairgrounds, our lives pretty much revolve around the fair for 10 days each year.

georgia national fair 101511 (9)

Blair finally went to the fair this year. Yes, I nearly had a nervous breakdown about the number of people we had to maneuver around, but we had fun. We didn’t do rides…ew, germy.

Aunt Linnie was there (bonus that Blair’s birthday falls during the week of the fair each year so we can do it all in one!) with baby Faegan.

georgia national fair 101511 (11)

We watched mutton busting.

georgia national fair 101511 (16)georgia national fair 101511 (17)georgia national fair 101511 (18)

The sheep was hysterical. And Blair enjoyed watching the races!

We saw racing pigs too.

georgia national fair 101511 (12)

And we ate. A lot.

georgia national fair 101511 (21)Cinnamon roll and ice cream.

georgia national fair 101511 (27)georgia national fair 101511 (29)Doing her shaking about the ice cream being cooooold!

We love the fair – it’s a great fall tradition!


AA said...

She is sooo precious! Love her outfit! Baby Faegan and Lin are pretty cute too. SO glad she got to go this year and enjoy it!

Candi James said...

I am so happy that Blair got to experience the Ga. National Fair. First of many more fairs she will go to I am sure! Her pictures are precious!

Candi James said...

Baby Faegan is adorable is going to be fun for the two of them to share times like these....They will grow to be like sisters I am sure!

Unknown said...

Adorable! I can see the joy in her eyes!