Wednesday, October 12, 2011


At our house we love peet-ha. That's “pizza” for those who don't speak fluent Blair (or read my questionable phonetic spellings!). Our pizza comes in many forms. To Blair, a plain flour tortilla is “peet-ha.”


I also put sauce and cheese on the tortillas for a real pizza. And we use sandwich rounds and sometimes even real pizza crusts to make pizza. Whatever works. What always stays the same is that Blair is the cook!

peet-ha 100811 (5)peet-ha 100811 (2)Telling me that she’s making “PEET-ha!”

Putting on the sauce. She said, "Here's you spoon, Mama." I got to do my own.

peet-ha 100811 (3)

And the cheese. She looks so grown up getting it out of the bowl (which she put it in so that she could feed it to Gus).

peet-ha 100811 (7)peet-ha 100811 (8)peet-ha 100811 (11)
She's my happy cook!

peet-ha 100811 (4)


Heather Ann Gill said...

What a great memory! She will never forget!

Candi James said...

I love those big and happy smiles Ashlee and I love that she is eating Peet-Ha!

Monica Bradford said...

Peet-ha!...I love it, that is soooo cute. Sweet girl and her peet-ha! ;)