Thursday, October 13, 2011

Out of the Mouth of my Babe…

Mama, (pats me on the arm) you a sweet girl, mama.


Not yet. Already. Either. Though. Too. But. All used correctly. As a language person, this fascinates me.

Mister dada. Mister mama. Mister everybody.

After Mema's funeral Blair and I were talking to one of Mema's dear friends about how Mema and I used to visit her when I was little. Not too long after we began our conversation, Blair was exclaiming, "She's got whiskers! She's got whiskers!" and pointing at the woman. I couldn't help but laugh. I don't think Mema’s friend knew what Blair was saying, but I'll tell you that Blair was right on!

Stay right there mama. I mean don't move.

Mama, your hair is a mess!


"Faegan, don't mess with Aunt Linnie." Aunt Linnie tells her that it's okay for Faegan's arm to be where it was. "Okay Faegan, you can mess with Aunt Linnie."

Gus, high you doin' today? Fine? You been playin'?!

During an electricity outage, she went from room to room trying to turn on the lights: “They all broken. The batteries is dead.”


Her prayers right now (give or take a few things each night): “Dear God, thank you for Mama and Daddy, and Uncle Ben, and Gigi and Grandmom, and Aunt Mo, and birthday, and balloons, and Aunt Linnie and baby Faegan, and Uncle Ben, and Aunt Linnie’s car, and Uncle Ben’s truck, and Gigi and Grandmom, and thank you for the rain. Amen.” Funny thing is, she hides when Uncle Ben is anywhere near her.

I have pictures on my phone for some of my family when they call. One day I was selecting a picture for Linsey and accidentally picked one of Blair in a stroller on the beach. Then someone called, and I never went back to change it. For a while now whenever Blair saw that picture she said, “It’s Aunt Linnie. Aunt Linnie’s in a stroller!” Now she adds “with Baby Faegan.” She loves her cousin!

Before she went to bed tonight, she called me back in her room to give me her water then, “Mama, give me pive." We give each other five, and she lay down.


Candi James said...

Oh how sweet! The pictures are so much fun to look at!

AA said...

OMG send me videos! She is precious! I love the whiskers, "your hair is a mess, mama" and the Faegan story. So cute! Seriously...videos ;)