Thursday, September 8, 2011

She’s going on three.

This is a list of things I’ve kept over the summer. Just for my memory and my family’s entertainment! I can’t keep up with all of the stuff now – I just laugh too often!

She likes to talk about “stuff.” “Take this stuff outside?” What are you getting at the grocery store, Blair? “Stuff.”

001 (2)

Coming into Atlanta… when she saw our shiny gold capitol in the sunshine: “Do you see the light?” (This is funny because it sounds so motherly!)

Buddy, one of our dogs, ran off this week. “He’ll be right back. He went to check on something for a minute.”

playing 070211 (11)

Brad was saying good bye to her after lunch. “Dada’s goin’ to work. Dada’s gon’ spray the cotton.” And Brad told her he was going to water the cotton too. “And the cotton’s gon’ drink it!”

“I’m gon’ skin you ‘bout puttin’ your hair up, Mama.”

washing mama's car 081611 (6)

She’s saying “I don’t want…”, “I go get my…”, “I don’t like…” and using different verb tenses – “Mama’s gonna eat a gummy. Mama ate it.”

She wants to watch Old MacDonald every morning – while she does her breathing treatment (which she also tells me).

I tell her she’s my sweet baby, and she pats her chest and says, “No ma’am. That’s Blair!”

She loves all things hiding.

hiding from mama 082411 (1)hiding from mama 082411 (2)

She’s still dressing herself (emphatically – Blair do it!) and hoarding things.

015She’s not much on baby dolls, but she loves shoes!

She packs a bag to go outside to “check on the baby chickens.”

clothes and hoarding 070911 (2)How ‘bout this getup?!

Obsessed with all things new. “It’s NEW!” New ketchup, new milk, new clothes, new truck (that’s not new), and on.

Baby chickens. Loves them. She says, “Does she smell gooooood?” as her nose is buried in the feathers. Um, probably not so good smelling, baby doll.

loving chickens 070411 (4)She sings. All the time. Old McDonald (complete with an EEEEE IIIIIIII EEEEEE IIIIIIII OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the end and a “Yea!”) in Sunday School or during Sunday worship at a weekend Farm Bureau Conference. Oh Christmas Tree, I see the Moon, and the latest is Skip to My Lou – straight from KidSongs, cerca 1987. A flashback to my childhood days – and my attire at the time!

She gets excited about something and holds her fists up to her face and yells whatever she’s excited about: “We have to put the purple sunscreen on to go to the blue pool. It’s gon’ be cooooold!” (said really fast and really loud!)

at the pool with mama and dada 080711 (19)Right now she’s into cleaning. Surprise! That’s not new. But now she cleans things with her toothbrush. She got toothpaste on my bed the other day and brought her toothbrush in to clean it off. She also tries to scrub the mirror and the counter in the bathroom with her toothbrush. And she licks her finger to try to clean something off of her face or clean an object. Like the basketball she found in the neighbor’s garden. She tried to spit clean the stains off!

A nightly ritual is for her to have some water in her bed. It MUST have ice in it. And she sets it up in the corner of her bed when she finishes.

her water

Every day she asks to go to the ocean. And there is a list of 10 or 15 people she asks about over and over. Every time she meets someone new, she adds them to the list. We saw an older sister of one of my students in the mexican restaurant not too long ago. And to this day she still asks, “Miss Whitney?” That was the first and only time she’d ever met Whitney. And since her cousin was here a few months ago, she has asked almost every day about her and her little brother. And she answers her own question: “Caroline at her house. The baby at his house.”

She uses the potty then washes her hands all alone (if I let her!).

pool 060511 (1)Loves goggles.

Blair’s ritual when we are playing something she loves play or do: “Again.” “Again.” Ok, that’s enough. “Oooone more.” We do it again. “Oooone more.” “Laaaaast one.” “Two more.”

After a sneeze, she tells everyone – even the dogs -- “God bless you!” in the cutest high pitched voice.

And the smiles continue….


Amy said...

oh my soul, ashlee...she is adorable! and hilarious! she reminds me so much of libbi - they would be good friends :)
libbi loves cleaning things with a toothbrush, too. i can set her up with a bucket of water and all her "little people" animals and she will "bathe" them with a toothbrush for at least thirty minutes while i am cooking supper - it's great!
love all of blair's getups. :)
and btw, i have seen her owl party/cake pinned SO many times on pinterest - you're practically famous!

Candi James said...

This Post of "Blair on a daily basis" just warms my heart....I have been smiling and giggling the whole way down. She sounds like so much fun to be with all day! I am so glad you are keeping this blog so you will never forget all of the funny, cute, sweet, loud, fast, and unbelievable things she says!! My favorite of course is the pictures!! Love that Blair.

Linsey said...

This made me smile so much!!!! Can't wait to see her! And you!