Monday, September 19, 2011

Cuscowilla Weekend

Cusco-who? If you haven’t heard of Cuscowilla Golf Resort, you might want to familiarize yourself! The Farm Bureau Young Farmer Committee spent the weekend at Cuscowilla a few weekends ago for our planning meeting. The place is beautiful!

We weren’t there to do any golfing, but that didn’t hamper our weekend a the golf resort in the least. There is plenty to do there for the non-golfer!

Cuscowilla is located in Eatonton, on Lake Oconee. The villas are gorgeous! Ours was on the second floor and right on the lake. The rates for our villa were decent for even a good hotel room, but these villas were much more!

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (91)

We had a one bedroom villa with a huge bathroom, den and kitchen. The balcony was also enormous.

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (85)FB YF lake oconee 0811 (86)FB YF lake oconee 0811 (87)

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (88)The kitchen was beautifully designed with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (89)

It didn’t take but one trip with Blair staying in a hotel room without a refrigerator to learn why we always stayed in condos on vacation! Kids + hotel + no refrigerator = not so happy mama. So… we were so thankful to have such a nice place to stay for the weekend that included not only a refrigerator but a full kitchen.

We went out for seafood the first night, and it was delicious. The place was called Moon’s, and it was right down the street from the resort.

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (3)Blair playing with Brad’s hat before supper.

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (16)Our fearless leader.

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (14)FB YF lake oconee 0811 (17)FB YF lake oconee 0811 (18)FB YF lake oconee 0811 (21)A little cleaning to keep herself busy.

Brad and I were shocked when Blair was still eating after everyone else was finished and ready to go. We still don’t know what happened to our picky child, but we’ll be glad keep this one!

After our meeting on Saturday, we had a yummy meal at the resort grill. FB YF lake oconee 0811 (34)FB YF lake oconee 0811 (38)FB YF lake oconee 0811 (43)

Then, we headed down to the kids club and the dock where our rental boat was waiting. We enjoyed a few hours on the lake with our friends – we even got out and did some lake swimming.

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (55)FB YF lake oconee 0811 (58)Captain for the day.

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (65)Perfect time for a nap.

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (72)Out of all two of the pictures of me – this one is the least awkward. Really.

FB YF lake oconee 0811 (78)

That night we enjoyed some pizza at Mellow Mushroom. And yes, Blair now eats pizza too!

We had a great weekend with our Young Farmer friends and look forward to the Farm Bureau Convention in December! And Cuscowilla is definitely on our list for a quick getaway anytime – with or without kids!


Amy said...

we LOVE Cuscowilla!!! Jeffrey worked there as a caddy all through college. he made some good money doing that! glad y'all had such a great time....and if you figure out what transformed your picky eater, please share!! we have one of those, too! :)

Candi James said...

How nice! I have never heard of this resort. I love the picture of Blair in her turquoise swim suit and tickled so much her eyes are of my favorite pictures of her. It is really nice that you and Brad had the opportunity!