Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big “B” Breakthrough

We’ve had a breakthrough today. To say I’m ecstatic is an understatement.

Let me back up for a minute. It all started in August 2009 with a bag of B toys….

Just over two years ago we made our first visit for early intervention – at the Atlanta Speech School. It was decided that we would start with B words to see how Blair did. Because of the Auditory Neuropathy, we had no idea about the quality of what she was hearing. So, we were to concentrate on B words to see if we could get some verbalization. It was not long after we started that she could pick out the beads, bear, bat, ball, bird, bell, box, and so on. But she didn’t say them. She learned every toy in that bag receptively, but she never said a B.

The talking came later, but the B never did. Blair’s poor speech therapist did everything she knew to get the child to say a B. It just didn’t happen.

And this morning, it came out of the blue as Blair was saying “bye bye” to my dad as he left for work. “Bye bye!” she said, with a REAL “B” instead of a “G”!!! She’s been saying “guy guy” since she was just over a year old. I just about jumped out of my skin. I looked at my sister, “Lin, she just said a B!” Lin: “She did?!”

And she did it again. And again. And all day. My baby is finally using B!! It comes really consistently with most vowels, but oo and ee are still tough for her. And she still calls herself Gwaya, but it will come. I sure love her name, but it’s not all that easy to say!!

I have watched this video tons of times and have asked her to say a thousand B words today! I’m so proud!

At the end she says “Look Aunt Linnie, I’m putting her hair up” in typical sassyness!

Yay Blair!!


Candi James said...

Way to Go BLAIR! By golly she does have her B down....that makes me feel happy and I know you guys are over the moon!!! Isnt that something....when you least expect it....Blair will make you smile...over and over again. Happy for all of YOU!