Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It’s Boll Time

It’s officially football time and everybody’s thinking about what bowl their team will go to. We’re thinking about bolls too – just not the football kind! About this time every year, Brad starts bringing in cotton bolls from the field for me to see. I usually keep one in my car during the fall. It’s a little early this year for cotton bolls, but it is so incredibly dry that they’re here early!


The one on the right is a five lock boll that is nicely fluffed out. The one on the left is also five lock, but it was not open when Brad gave them to me. When all of the moisture leaves, it will be nice and fluffy too.

If you missed Cotton Elementary last season, check it out! I’ve learned so much about cotton and love sharing it!


Steph said...

Unfortunately our cotton is starting to pop open too. :(

Candi James said...

Oh my! I will have to ck out the archive about Cotton Elementary! I can hardly wait!