Sunday, August 21, 2011

Georgia FB Young Farmers at Callaway

This year we had our Farm Bureau Young Farmer Leadership Conference at Callaway Gardens. Lake Blackshear was a blast last year, but if those of us who live among the gnats can’t handle them, you can bet what the others from other parts of the state thought! No one was going back for a second swatfest (and sweatfest!).

yf conference 072211 (8)Blair snoozed on the drive over. Leg prop and all.

yf conference 072211 (18)She was so excited about swimming, which is the first thing we did!

I didn’t take many pictures this time because I was involved in the meetings and couldn’t, but we had a great time. Two friends who are also on the state YF Committee and I presented on social media during the breakout sessions. That was fun!

I got to show an attendee a social media app on my phone.

twitterPhoto Georgia Farm Bureau

yf conference 072311 (1)Janie going over our handouts.

I really enjoyed the discussion meet! What great discussions we had! The final four discussion will take place at the Farm Bureau State Convention on Jekyll Island in December -- there’s a trip to Hawaii on the line – and an ATV!


The YF committee had a whole weekend of activities planned for the kids while parents were in sessions. We had some indoor games and took them to the butterfly garden. They really had a blast. Blair came with us, but instead of mixing in with the group while Brad and I were doing committee stuff, she stayed with Uncle John mostly! It’s a germ thing. I’ll just say it once again… maybe next year. Blair will get to be a normal playing-with-other-kids kid at some point.

We had some time Saturday afternoon so we took the kids to the animal safari. They had a ball!

yf conference 072311 (2)yf conference 072311 (9)yf conference 072311 (13)yf conference 072311 (27)My brother John was so sweet to be our nanny for the weekend!

We also had a lakeside cookout Saturday night. Good food and good friends… until it got rained out.

yf conference 072311 (53)yf conference 072311 (57)Blair and Brad headed in to supper one night.

yf conference 072311 (58)

I was so glad to get to see my friend Jessica. She even talked about my blog during the discussion meet!

yf conference 072411 (1)

On Sunday, Georgia FB President Zippy Duvall had a great message for us during worship service. After the awards we headed home. We can’t wait for our next Young Farmer event!

yf conference 072411 (3)

It was a great family weekend!


Steph said...

We have one person from our county in the state finals for the discussion meet. Of course, he only entered it to try to get to Hawaii, haha.

Candi James said...

What a very nice event! Love the pictures! Uncle John being your nanny is so nice. I love that your family is so close Ashlee. I am having a ball getting to know all of you. What a great weekend!