Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Craniofacial Clinic plus fun!

Last week was Blair’s follow up appointment at the Craniofacial Clinic. Last time we went to see Dr. Riski, he suggested that Blair would probably need surgery for a submucosal cleft palate.

We went up the night before because the only appointment they had in  months after we scheduled was at 7:30. No problem! We have a great friend that lets us use her house, so the trip is lots of fun!

It turns out that this time Linsey and Faegan were available to meet us in Atlanta for the night. We also met my oldest best friend for a sushi supper that night and had a great time.

atlanta 0809 (14)atlanta 0809 (1)There are no words for the yumminess on this plate.

atlanta 0809 (4)Blair liked the living fish the best!

atlanta 0809 (5)But she did try the noodles!

atlanta 0809 (13)Faegan just slept. Isn’t she precious?!

The next morning we were up bright an early for Blair’s appointment. I told Dr. Riski how well Blair was doing – she’s now blowing out of her mouth and puffing her cheeks up to “pop” them! He really didn’t believe me until he saw it. She really is doing those things! After she cooperated so well and demonstrated, Dr. Riski was thrilled. He said Blair made his week with her amazing progress! He suggested that we still meet with the surgeon as planned but that we didn’t need to plan on surgery at all at this point since she is actually using the narrow muscles that make up her palate! What wonderful news!

No surgery for now, but this means that we still have a lot of work because Blair still says A LOT of stuff that is understandable to many. There are only a handful of folks like me who speak fluent Blair. The only thing is that the surgery wouldn’t have actually corrected her speech/bad habits. It would have only given her the tools -- tools we didn’t think she had -- with which she could make the sounds correctly . Even with surgery, she still would have to break all her bad habits. Now that we know she has a palate that she can actually use, for the time being we’ll just work on breaking the habits without surgery. Make sense?

We met with the surgeon who said her palate is not all that bad actually. He was very nice and will continue to follow Blair. The plan is to go back in three months to see Dr. Riski again so that he can assess her progress. Yay! We are thankful to God for the continued blessings and answered prayers!

After the appointment it was playtime! Before we went, I had planned to take Blair to the zoo. I thought they might stick a camera down her nose, and the zoo was going to be her prize. They didn’t do the camera, thank goodness, but we still went to the zoo!

zoo 0810 (12)zoo 0810 (40)Priss liked the flamingos. They are fascinating.

zoo 0810 (1)

zoo 0810 (9)The gorillas were neat. There were three babies. Do you see the one in this picture?!

zoo 0810 (24)zoo 0810 (31)The petting zoo was fun!

zoo 0810 (41)Lin and I with our girls!

Mommy got a prize too because we at a Taquería del Sol!

After a nice nap (for Blair) and a few errands, we headed back home. It was a great trip – great food, great news, and time with my family – including my new and only niece!


jmluckie said...

In South Ga.the words for the stuff on that plate is cut bait.

Candi James said...

Oh Ashlee, what wonderful news. That Blair continues to surprise them all. She is such a joy isn't she. I do pray that she continues to make progress. I love the pictures too. I have missed seeing her.....The weekend looked like it was a lot of fun for you all! I have two sisters too and I know how fun it is to share good times....with your mom to boot!

AA said...

Great great news, Ash!! All your encouraging and practice with Blair has paid off. I'll keep saying prayers that surgery is not in her future. Sushi night with Emmie and Lin and Mama Jan looked like fun!! That pic of you and Blair at the zoo is GREAT! You look fabulous. XOXO!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Praise the Lord for good news! So happy she is making great strides! Sounds and looks like a fun trip, even to the doctor!

Amy said...

praise God that she doesn't need surgery right now. And isn't is always fun when they actually cooperate at the doctor's office instead of making us look like liars? haha!
we went to the zoo not long ago and the gorillas just floored me! i had no idea that they carried their teeny tiny (Seriously, how little were those babies!) newborns around on their "ankles" crazy....and so neat to see!
libbi's favorite part was getting to see the giraffe "Tee-tee"....she STILL talks about it and makes her toy giraffe "tee-tee" all over our house - ha! :)