Friday, August 12, 2011

Christmas Wedding Shower: A Jump Start on the Newlyweds’ Holiday Decor

I thought I’d join in on Kelly’s Korner’s Wedding Shower ideas – but I can’t find my pictures :(. I had some great wedding parties leading up to our wedding. We got married in January, a perfect month to get married! Most everything is cheaper – except the flowers. Valentine’s day being just around the corner doesn’t help there. Overall, we loved our January wedding!

I had a Christmas shower in the months leading up to my wedding. To this day I’m so thankful for all of the decorations I received at my shower. Every year I pull all of my plastic boxes of decorations out of the attic, and I can remember who gave us each piece as I decorate our house for Christmas.

A Christmas shower is obviously easier to do in the months before Christmas or just after. Since mine was in November, I was able to register for some decorations, and I also got some beautiful things that I didn’t pick out.

A good thing for the hostesses throwing a Christmas shower is that the decorations for the shower can be gifts for the bride or vice versa! One of my favorite themed showers by far!