Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blair eats…encouragement for parents of non-eaters.

Blair will be 3 in October. That means that we have spent almost two and one half years offering meat to our child and for almost two and one half years, she has gagged, refused it, or spit it out. She has lived on yogurt and fruit. Until now.

022Sweets have never been an issue.

I’m so pleased to announce that my daughter Blair now eats chicken. And bacon. And fish. So exciting!!!!!

And (gasp) she asks for it!

I would like to go on. This week she at some pork chop. Asparagus. Eggs. Rice. Cabbage (?!?!). Corn on the cob. And I’ve even seen her eat real pizza! All of these developments have happened in the last few weeks. She began eating chicken consistently a month or so ago, and she has slowly added foods since. Every night at the supper table, Brad and I look at each other in disbelief.

I can even feed her what we eat instead of making a PB&J or easy mac
(with whipping cream!).

atlanta 0809 (6)

Our lesson: don’t stop trying! Every time I went to Chick-fil-a I got her chicken. Even when she wasn’t eating it or would only take one bite. And I still cooked her eggs. Even when she wouldn’t eat them. And we insisted that she try one bite of foods we ate at home just to keep her from completely refusing everything. Sometimes she gagged or spit it out, but she tried it. She cooked with me. She knew all of the foods’ names. She saw us eat meat and vegetables at home. Our persistence has paid off.

And tonight Blair blessed the food like she always does: “Dear God, thank you for our food.” But she added, “…and thank you for… ketchup! A-mee-yan” And mommy is thankful too because I let her put it on anything if it means she’s eating!

Now I’m looking for poundage, people. We’ve got meat in the tummy. Now we need to add some MEAT to these bones!


Jamie said...

Hey - do you have Deceptively Delicious? It has a recipe for homemade ketchup that's tomato paste, apple cider and carrots!! We're going to give that a try this weekend since our kid eats ketchup by the spoonfuls :)
So glad to see that Miss Blair is eating her meat and veggies!!

Candi James said...

Oh Ashlee, what a inspirational post. I am so happy that Blair has you as parents! Your love, care, persistence and patience has already proven to be great help to her health and personality. Kudos to you and to BLAIR!!! YAY! I cant wait to hear what she may start eating next!!!

CHERI said...

My mother always talks about how very little I ate growing up. I only liked banana sandwiches and chicken. Look at me now!!!! I wish my appetite hadn't developed quite as much as it did:)