Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Years in a Blink…and Back to the Real World

I started nursing school just under two years ago, and I don’t know where the time has gone. My classmates and I made it through a really tough program, and now we are all taking boards and finding jobs.

Our last weeks in school are now a blur. We were turning in projects and papers, taking ATIs, and doing NCLEX review while trying to enjoy our last few weeks together.

Three friends and I did a presentation on Animal Assisted Therapy. The idea was one of the group member’s, and it was a good one. I’m now on board with Animal Assisted Therapy and would love to help initiate a program in my hospital.

animal therapy project and fist pumping 042611 (6)We had an awesome poster, a video and best of all….

animal therapy project and fist pumping 042611 (5)Sugar cookie “dog treats”! (Thanks mom!)

We also took time to have lunch together a few of our last days, and we made a fist-pump photo as a great memory of an inside joke among our group of friends.

animal therapy project and fist pumping 042611 (9)

I was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International, the Honor Society of Nursing. That was fun, and I was honored to be included with a great group of my classmates.

DSCF1288DSCF1297sigma theta tau 041911 (6)

Our pinning ceremony turned out very nicely after months of planning. I was on the planning committee, and we had a great time getting everything together. Our class chose to have loved ones pin us; it was very special for everyone, especially those who had nurses in the family.

pinning 050611 (37)Walking out after pinning. Linsey has all of the other pictures!

Brad’s family and my parents and sisters were able to come. We even let Blair come, but she ended up throwing up all over the floor right outside the gym after having a coughing episode. Oops. Her throwing up was not an uncommon occurrence, so I had extra dresses, and all was fine. I had a hard time sitting through the whole thing though, since I could hear her from my seat in the front.

pinning 050611 (54)cropOur family – Blair in dress #2!

pinning 050611 (45)Me and my friend Amy.

pinning 050611 (47)One of my teachers.

pinning 050611 (48)My friends Brandy and Sarah.

I skipped out on graduation since I had already graduated from Furman, which prepared me very well for nursing school. (Furman was hard.)

Since pinning, saying that I’ve been busy is an understatement. It’s a good busy though! Starting a new job in the midst of watermelon season was not the best idea. I have spent much of the last month either at work or at the barn trying to help out with watermelons. I have harvest pictures taken and will post on that later! I love watermelons and wish I were able to help even more.

Squeezed in there somewhere I took the NCLEX and passed! I’m now a bona fide RN BSN with a little blue RN tag on my name badge to prove it! And I have the most precious badge holders made by “Miss” Cherry, one of Blair’s NICU nurses. (They are all so special to us!) Miss Cherry and her daughter make the cutest monogrammed things, including badge holders. Find them on Facebook – Bebe’s Boutique.


And my job is great! I love my preceptor and the ICU. I am learning so much every day. Still, I’m so glad I have my preceptor until October – there is so much to learn!

So that’s my nursing update. I’m now on a five days off, and it’s good to be home. As soon as I get my whole schedule situated and watermelons are done, I hope to be back blogging full time!


Candi James said...

So glad to be able to keep up with your mom and her chldren!
What an accomplishment Ashlee! Really! Very proud of you and for you. You are going to make an outstanding nurse - no doubt! Every time I go to get a watermelon I think of you and what you said about the yellow belly :-)

Jen O'Daniel said...

I really am amazed at everything you have juggled in the past two years... and I'm SO PROUD of you, Ashlee! xoxo

Marie said...

You are amazing!! Blair will be so proud of her mama! And a nurse who is fluent in Spanish...I don't think you will have any trouble finding a job! Congratulations!!

jmluckie said...

Great job Ash.I know you're glad to be done.

Katie Garvin said...

Yay, Nurse Ashlee!! So proud of all you've accomplished in the last few years. BTW, that picture of you walking out after pinning...totally Blair!!

AA said...

WOW sounds awesome, Ash!!! So proud of you!! I'd love to hear more about your schedule, what you think about actually being a nurse vs school, how you are juggling life, Blair with a new job. Details! How often are you working? Want to catch up! (And cant wait to see harvest pics too)

zoe grant said...

Wow, those were full years! Congratulations for finishing well. Do you have plans on coaching for <a href=">NCLEX Review</a>? Just a thought, though. You look like you're enjoying the whole thing. Today, there's so much need for personnel on patient care.

NCLEX Review said...

Wow, those were full years! Congratulations for finishing well. Do you have plans on coaching for an NCLEX Review? Just a thought, though. You look like you're enjoying the whole thing. Today, there's so much need for personnel on patient care.