Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Lately, when I go down to the coop to feed my chickens in the evenings, there is an extra body in the coop. It’s black and white, but it’s definitely not a Wyandotte!


I don’t know what it is about my coop that makes this little fellow want to spend his days inside it. Actually sometimes he’s in the big coop, and sometimes he’s with the baby chickens (that are getting quite big!).


Does this face say, “When I get big, I’m gonna eat chicken.”?


I just can’t believe how he sits among them as if he were a member of the flock. And I don’t know why my attack rooster attacks me but not a kitty!

016These kids are too busy eating their own food to worry about becoming kitty food!

So I did what any animal lover would do – I fed him.


And I left him happy – right there in my chicken coop.

Look how pretty my Speckled Sussex is! I have 30 ten week old baby chickens! They’re in a smaller pen right now next to the big coop, but I hope to put them in with the big girls soon.


For the kitty? If he only he could become a guard kitty….


Unknown said...

That's a lot of chickens. I still need to bring one of the Fitzgerald Chickens up to your place. Downtown would be full of them in no time!

Candi James said...

Funny! That kitty is YOUR kitty now for sure :-)

AA said...

How sweet! Funny that he doesnt attack them and they don't attack him or are scared of the cat!

The Lucy Family said...

That's hilarious! They're friends! That's a beautiful kitten! And your chickens are pretty darn cute, too.