Friday, July 1, 2011

Brownie Bottom

I could say that I’ve hit rock bottom with my eating or I could tell you how my bottom looks because of brownies. Seriously. All I know is that I’ve made waaaay too many boxes of brownies in the last few months… and it’s all Ghirardelli’s fault. (Ha!)

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret.

Ghirardelli makes the best, most tastiest (yes, my grammar brain is cringing, but I’m saying it anyway), out of this world brownies.


You must try them. You will not be disappointed. I promise. Our little town market doesn’t carry them, so in a brownie tight (when we’re out of Ghirardelli) we’ve made the mistake of trying to find other brownies that might measure up to Ghirardelli’s Double Chocolate Brownies – they don’t exist!

I just follow the directions: 8x8 pan, 325, and I cook them for 43 minutes. Best brownies ever. Guaranteed.

I make brownies one night, and I come home to an empty dish the next day. We (mainly Brad Winking smile) can’t stop eating them!

In other news… my schedule is crazy right now. I’m either at the hospital or at the barn working watermelon loads. I will be back when I get my time straight. I owe you another Watermelon Elementary post or two – plus a ton of other stuff I need to blog about!


Steph said...

I know this probably won't help your brownie "problem", but I found a recipe on a another blog you may or may not have seen called Chocolate Chip Oreo Fudgy Brownie Bars, it is the best thing ever! You take a chocolate chip cookie mix, follow the directions, and spread the mix in the bottom of a 13x9 pan, add a layer of double stuffed Oreos on top of the cookie dough, then take a fudge brownie mix, follow the directions, and smear it on top of the oreos. Bake 45-55 min. at 350. Omg it is so good!

luminosa.girl said...

Ashlee, you are SO right! My favorite brownies are made from Cook's Illustrated's Classic Brownies recipe, but a VERY close second is anything by Ghirardelli! They are SOOOO good! I like to add pecans, Texas girl that I am.

AA said...

OMG you are SOOO right. MAK and Shawn always make these (even this past weekend) and they are amazing. YUM! Can't wait to hear how hospital is going!! Have a great weekend! Let me know when you have time to chat.