Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Southern Grown

We southerners sho’ do know how to draw out some words. I’m so proud to say that Blair is learning just right!

Her little conversation skills are getting better all the time. I can’t believe how much her vocabulary has grown just in the last month or two.

Here are some of the words that she’s putting a particularly southern accent on:

EE-yan – in

Moe-wah – more

May-yam – ma’am

Woe-wam – warm

Woe-won – one

EE-ya – ear

Hay-yand – Hand


Rachel said...

SOOOO cute!
I wanna hear! :)

Jen said...

I SERIOUSLY just said all the words out loud...then laughed hysterically!!! I would die to be a 'southerner'!!
I think you need to upload a video now :) :)

Candi James said...

So funny!