Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I got educated at the Wild Hog Festival.

My sisters were in town a couple of weekends ago, and we all took our first trip to the Wild Hog Festival. I’m all about a southern festival, but I have to say that this festival was unlike any other.

I was shocked by the number of people there! We first made our way through the vendors, but we didn’t see anything we couldn’t live without.

As we made our way to the back of the property, we saw a line to enter a separate area. It was what I had been waiting for!

Inside the area was a fenced in part of woods (“the branch” around here!) with spectators piled in all around the outside. There were bleachers and tents and elevated viewing stations. What in the world were they checking out?!

The pig chase!

The pig chase is when tons of kids run wild after a pig, trying to catch him. If you would like some inexpensive yet seriously hilarious entertainment, a pig chase is the place to go! One person told me he drove over an hour to attend!

Just a sample of the fun:

wild hog festival (14)The Chasee for the little ones. Even 3 year olds can participate.

wild hog festival (17)And they’re OFF!

This kid was awesome!

wild hog festival (26)

And he got him!

wild hog festival (28)

wild hog festival (39)So close!

We saw quite a few spills.

wild hog festival (41)Triple wipeout in the making.

wild hog festival (44)Again!

wild hog festival (46)Umf!

But there were plenty of winners too!

wild hog festival (60)

Molly, Linsey, and I were excited to watch the action… Blair was just excited to have a pickle.

wild hog festival (76)

The other thing we watched was the baying contest. The hog dogs have to make the hog stand still only by barking at him… no touching him. The people standing next to us were really nice about telling us what was going on. We found out that biters are disqualified.

The hogs were HUGE! One dog got near his hog a couple of times and high tailed it the other way. He never even attempted to bay. People in the audience were chuckling at his frolicking around the pen.

This one below did pretty good with quite a large hog. The dogs are scored on their performance – their ability to “corner” the dog and keep him still. After they keep the hog still for an amount of time, the dogs are called off, and the hog leaves the arena.

wild hog festival (90)

It was definitely an educational event for us… and lots of fun to watch!


Candi James said...

Wow! The joys of living in the south!

Mamie said...

Ashlee, I usually refrain from commenting because I don't want you thinking I'm all in y'all's personal business, but.... I was just telling Thomas about a BBQ "festival" we have at home every year and how one of the kids contests is the "Greased Pig Chase" ... and I have proudly won it! Yes, I have caught a greased pig with my own two hands and I have a small, gold pig trophy somewhere in my parents's house to prove it! I just thought you would appreciate that bit of information.