Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Watermelon Grind: Laying Plastic Part 2

Continued from Laying Plastic Part 1!

The guys ride the plastic layer to the end of the row.


At the end of the round, the guys hop off of the machine and do the end of the row tasks.

Cover the plastic with dirt.


Then chop it with the shovel.


Pick up the plastic and hang it on the plastic layer so the tractor can move to the next rows.

Add a bit more dirt if necessary.


Here are some videos. No wheels lost this time!

Next posts up: Irrigating, Turning Back Vines, Plowing


Candi James said...

Ashley that is amazing! I never ever knew all of this went into planting watermelons so we can enjoy eating them all season! Wow! Kudos to our farmers and their staff working so hard to keep us fed and clothed!

Hope you are enjoying your time with that sweet little Blair!