Saturday, May 14, 2011

Watermelon Elementary: Laying Plastic Part 1

One of the many interesting parts of watermelon farming is laying plastic. The plastic heats up the bed and makes the watermelon plants’ roots all warm and cozy. It also holds in moisture.

This is the plastic layer. It lays three rows at a time. It has three rolls of plastic and three rolls of drip tape. It also has 4 seats for the guys!

051This is the beginning of a row. To the left of the tractor are all of the rows with plastic on them.

This the setup for each of the three rows on which the machine lays plastic. The drip tape is at the top. It is threaded under the roll of plastic so that it lays directly on the soil under the plastic. The plastic is black as well and is at the bottom of the picture.


Here, they are putting on an extra roll of plastic and drip tape for each row. They expect to run out soon and want to have it with them.


At the beginning of each round, there is a set up for each of the three rows (three guys each perform these tasks for their row). A stake is driven into the ground.


The drip tape is tied to the stake.


The plastic is pulled to the ground and covered with dirt.

Row 1:


Row 2:


Row 3:


Each row looks like this just before the tractor takes off – and the guys take a seat!


Off they go! The plastic and drip tape roll of of their rolls, and the machine covers up the sides of the plastic with dirt. And all of this is after bedding.


And a couple of videos to put it into motion!

This is so typical–it’s always something!

I hope you enjoy! There are so many pictures for this one that I’ll post the end of the row another day! If you missed an earlier post about watermelons, the other Watermelon Grind posts are here.


AA said...

Love it!! I need to watch them again to really get it. BTW, pic 2-6 are not rendering and the first video is private!! Hope you and Blair are having a good Monday!!