Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She might be a farmer’s daughter…

If she can talk about pivots. We’re drivin’ under the pivot! The pivot is on!

If she talks about her daddy’s work truck.

take the dogs to go swim! 052411 (15)

If this comes out of her mouth as soon as we turn onto a dirt road or into a field: Wanna driiiiive!


take the dogs to go swim! 052411 (3)Her “wanna drive” hand motions – her hands going around and around in front of her. She says, “wanna drive like THIS!”

If she can recognize a field of watermelon plants. And check watermelons by tapping them with her hand.

If she wakes up saying: Wanna take the dogs to go swim. And we do.

take the dogs to go swim! 052411 (20)take the dogs to go swim! 052411 (21)

Gus might be a tad wet and dirty to hug on the neck… I’ll just give him a small hug on the back right here….

If she sees a tractor and says, that’s dada!

If she thinks everything needs fixing (this is how things go on the farm!). She sees her grandfather in his truck and says, Andad got his truck fixed! But mommy didn’t know it was broken!


AA said...

That first picture is great! I love love her smile!!

Candi James said...

This is so cute! Every picture I see of this child makes me smile ear to ear!!!