Friday, May 13, 2011

On Meredith, American Idol…

The Today show is my morning coffee on days I’m home. I set my tv to auto-tune to it, and whenever we get up I rewind it and watch some of the beginnning – real quick like because Blair is usually begging to watch Old McDonald! She says “Mama gotta watch the NEWS first!” I love how she says news.

I was sad to see Meredith Viera announce her Today departure this week. I do love Ann Curry, so I'm glad she’s going to be Matt’s partner, but I really love Meredith’s sense of humor. I don’t see that much playing going on between Ann and Matt, who is surprisingly one of my favorite tv people. (That’s weird to even me; I don’t know what it is that makes me like him!)

On the subject of tv, I’m was also sad to see Bethenny Ever After end this week. I think she’s hysterical and love getting a good laugh from that show.

Partially due to nursing school, I haven’t been all that into American Idol this year. I’ve watched it here and there when I had time – enough to know who everyone is, their styles, and how they sing. I really love Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. I think they really make the show better this year. Last season, I didn’t watch it at all and didn’t miss it.

Anyway, I watched last night’s episode and got a little teary about James’ leaving! I didn’t really want him to win, but there is no one that I love. I like Lauren the best although Haley’s second performance Wednesday night was outstanding.

With most everything wrapping up in the next week or so, I’ll have check out the summer shows! I feel sure I’ll find something to watch. Television is my checkout time when I don’t have to use my brain. Brad and I both love a good do-nothing period in the evening! I might even start with the Bachelorette. What my dad calls “Trash TV” at its best!

What will you watch this summer?


Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

Haley! Haley! Haley!!

I love all three that are left... they are all some of my favorites!!

I like Haley's voice best though.

I will be watching Nursing of the Family :)

Candi James said...

Hi Ashley!

I love Meredith. I wonder if she is leaving because of her husband and his health.

I love James too! HE was the one to win through my eyes. I sure hope he has a bright future....

As far as reality tv junkies....I am the world's worst. Thinking of summer tv? Don't forget that Big Brother will be on and that is some real TRASH TV right there!
But there I will be every Sunday, Wed and Thursday watching severely young girls and boys sit around in a house and do nothing.

Give that Blair a squeeze for me!
And Oh! More pictures of her please :-)

GT said...

Ash, you gotta check out "Mile & Molly". That is my favorite TV show right now; except for O'reilly of course.

GT said...

"Mike & Molly"

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

I'm an Idol junkie...don't always get to see it but have seen most of them this year...I was very sad that James left.

As for summer...we don't watch much tv...we are out until dark and might watch some news when we come in, we are getting ready to move so we will be without tv for a spell!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Oh yea...and very fascinating about the watermelon planting...I'll be back to see more!

The only watermelon grown around here is in a garden!

AA said...

Matt's my favorite -- well tied with Brian Williams on the Nightly News! I love love love how much Meredith and Matt tease each other. Ann is nice but a little too nice sometimes, too sweet but I like her and like that they kept it in the family.

Bethenny - just started watching her a couple of months ago....never thought I'd like her...hysterical!! I have all the episodes saved on the DVR to watch.