Thursday, May 12, 2011

Homemade Wall Art for Non-Crafties

I am not really crafty, but I can get real creative to save money. I was in search of some wall art for Blair’s room, and a friend suggested I use fabric. Perfect suggestion! I even had some fabric left over that matched Blair’s bedding.

At Hobby Lobby (the greatest place on earth) I bought six 8x10 canvases, some batting, ribbon, solid pink fabric, and lime polka dot fabric. I spotted some blue flower picture frames there too, so I snagged them in case I could use them. Blair’s room is pink, blue, and green.
I cut the batting to fit the top of the canvas and cut rectangles out of each piece of fabric. I placed the batting on the canvas and wrapped the fabric around to the back of the frame, folding it like a present on the sides, and stapled it to the wood frame with the staple gun.
On one of the pink pieces, I stapled two pieces of green ribbon to the back of the canvas to make a stripe.
Then, I sewed on the little flower picture frames and used hot glue to stabilize them. They came with lime paper in them, and it matched perfectly!
The finished products!
I think they turned out so cute – and they were so cheap!
My other project for that trip to Hobby Lobby was a bow holder -- Blair’s bows were everywhere!
I searched the store over for a base for the bow holder and finally found a pink, blue, and green wall decoration that matched her room perfectly.
I cut long pieces of the same green ribbon I used on the pink fabric wall piece and hot glued them to the interior bottom part of the art.
It turned out just right!
It also looks so cute in her room and is perfect for her bows!
Yay for easy, cheap wall decorations and bow organizer!


Anonymous said...

I love how versatile canvas is - & her bow holder is adorable!

Linsey said...

Go Ash! I am so proud of you for being crafty!

Katie said...

Cute ideas! I love that bow holder.

mountain mama said...