Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watermelon Elementary: Preparing the Land

Real school is out, so now I’m back to Watermelon Elementary!

To get the land ready to plant watermelons, Brad and the boys use three different implements.

First they use the bedder to made the watermelon beds. They like their beds to be raised pretty high. The are not as high as a strawberry bed, but they are definitely elevated.

bedder 0411 (1)bedder 0411 (2)bedder 0411 (3)

The land goes from unbroken to bedded up nicely!

bedder 0411 (4)

The next thing equipment is my favorite: the bed knocker. I just like saying that.


Brad built this plow. It has two different sized rolling plows to break up large dirt clods. (I’m using some real technical language here – dirt clods, bed knocker. I don’t know any other way to say this stuff!)


The final part that goes over the ground drags over the top of the bed to make it smooth. If there is time, sometimes they run this plow over the beds twice.

022Second round on the row

008011Here, the tractor is going over the beds, and you can see the what they look like before in the foreground.



The next step is laying plastic behind the bed knocker. Below all three implements are hooked to tractors in the field.

bedder 0411 (6)

Now we’ve bedded the land and flattened the beds. Next post: laying plastic!


Candi James said...

Wow! I never knew I would be getting a farming education through you blog Ash! This is very interesting!