Friday, April 8, 2011

Honoring our Moms through Ronald McDonald House

In the past, some sort of plant has been a gift of choice for our mothers for Mother’s Day. Both of our mothers love plants, and a plant is supposed to last forever, right? Well, I know that I’ve been guilty of neglecting my Mother’s Day plants.

rmdhlogoThe proudest Mother’s Day gifts I’ve given were when we honored our mothers by giving to the Ronald McDonald House. The RMH of Central Georgia, where we stayed when Blair was in the NICU, does a Mother’s Day donation program in which we can sponsor a family for a night (or three!) in honor of our mother. They do a card that we gave our moms to tell them about the donation.

What better way to honor our mothers than allowing another mother to stay closer to her sick child for a night or two? I feel like that donation was one of the best gifts that we could have given. To accompany the donations, we also gave our mothers the RMH cookbook to further support the house.

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As a RMH family, we know the indescribable benefits of staying at the RMH. Even though I supported the RMH of Greenville, SC as an Alpha Delta Pi at Furman, I never realized the blessing that that place provides to families until we were there ourselves (twice!). Brad and also know the financial burdens of having a child in the hospital away from home. We spent an enormous amount of money just in gas for Brad to go back and forth from work to see me and Blair. I know from personal experience that just a night or two sponsored for these families means the world to them.

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So, we’re proud to support Ronald McDonald House Charities in honor of our mothers on Mother’s Day! You can find a local Ronald McDonald House at!

And you’re saving your pop tabs, right?!


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