Friday, April 1, 2011

Get your grubby hands out of my kid’s mouth… a “tiger mom” story.

While we were in St. Pete, Dr. B kept calling me a tiger mom. I took it as a compliment. He was referring to my advocating for my daughter. I think all moms do this, and I’m no different from any other.

I just happen to be a little more… how should I say it… aggressive than others.

In the geneticist’s office we were called back by a Genetic Counselor and interviewed. We spent the better part of the 10 minute interview being “mmm-hmm”ed when we told him things that had NOT been done – a kidney ultrasound, hearing tests for me and Brad, and so on. (It may have been just me, but this guy seemed to think he was far superior than we were. I tell you one thing, I may have a southern accent but that does NOT make me dumb.)

When asking about Blair and inquiring about her teeth, the guy actually PUT HIS NASTY, UNWASHED HANDS IN HER MOUTH. Seriously? As he was asking about her teeth and reaching for her with his unwashed hands, I objected with “Are your hands clean?” He completely ignored me. And as he is touching Blair’s mouth, Brad objected with, “Sir, I just saw you wipe your eye with your hands.” What did the guy say? Nothing. Not one word. Not “sorry.” Not “you’re exactly right, I haven’t washed my hands since I put them all over my face.” Nothing.

Enter tiger mom.

As soon as the doctor came in I did not hesitate to tell her that her assistant did NOT wash his hands before touching Blair’s mouth to see her teeth. She explained that he usually washed his hands before he called the patient back.

Not good enough.

“Well he had just rubbed eyes before he touched her mouth, and that is not appropriate for a health care professional. And when we objected, he did not even acknowledge that we said a word.” She said she’d talk to him.

Not good enough.

So we talked to Dr. B who subsequently told the director of audiology. This, to me, may be good enough. I hope something is done about the situation. I was NOT happy. I did NOT want any germs in my daughter’s mouth and certainly not any from that man.

You may be thinking I’m crazy for being so upset about this, but we work hard to keep Blair healthy. I certainly don’t need any health care professionals who know better making our job harder.

You know, I think I was so shocked that it impaired my usual bluntness. Or maybe I’m finally growing up. The other me would have immediately confronted him with very firm but appropriate and not ugly words. And after the fact, I really wanted to go back over there and demand an apology. We were ready to get home though, so this man was spared. (This confrontation thing is sort of a problem I have.)

Now I guess I need to forgive and move on.

I would like to add that this was the only issue we had during our trip to the All Children’s Hospital. Everyone else was great. I just hope I don’t have to deal with any more geneticists.


Jana A said...

OH MY GOSH... I would have lost my mind!! I hope they take care of that situation. Holy moly!

Jax said...

The only time I ever would stick my 'dirty' hands in a child's' mouth would be if they had houdini'd something in there before I could stop them or if their food went down the wrong way! A healthcare professional should be at the top of that game!

Jen O'Daniel said...

Okay, I like to think I'm easy going... but I do have a short list of pet peeves, and hands in the mouth is a pet peeve for sure! I can't believe the person wouldn't even respond to you!

When Walker was 3 months old, a woman was holding him at a baby shower and tried to feed him a bite of her BAGEL!!! So I guess grubby hands feeding choking hazards to infants... well, that's a new pet peeve, too! Geez!

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

I'm a tiger mom too! I've always been very "hands on" with my child and very pro-active in nurturing and encouraging him. I want only the best for him.

My baby's 17 now, but I'd still speak up in a second if someone did something to him I didn't like. Even if it was a girl - lol!
(he'd die of embarrassment)

A Peach and A Jeep said...

I told my super laid back hubs about this and he went off about the nerve of that guy. He was indignant for you!