Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cast and Catch

Blair and I went fishing yesterday right as the afternoon was getting late and the weather was getting iffy. There were some big bad storms forecasted for parts north of us, so it was pretty windy. Brad says that’s a good time to fish. I didn’t plan it that way – it was just one of those spur of the moment things – but he must have been right!

We usually go to the pond at the barn, but there were some people there, so we headed over to what we call the “big pond.” That’s what the field is called next to it as well. (If you haven’t experienced how farmers name fields so that they can refer to them when working, you can read my post about some of our field names.)

We got a bite within 15 seconds of casting – every single time!! I didn’t catch all of the ones that bobbed my cork, but I caught a few, and Blair caught her first fish!!


After she reeled it in and touched it, she didn’t want to fish anymore. (I just couldn’t possibly leave when the fish were biting so well, so we stayed for a bit!) But she’s been asking to fish all day today!


Brad even came by for a few minutes and grabbed my pole to see what he could reel in. He wasn’t quite as successful as me and Blair’s my Garfield fishing pole!


Wow – this was the first time in a long time I had been fishing with the fish biting so well. We ended up catching somewhere around 15 in a very short time and took a mess home for supper. Brad was so sweet to clean them – I didn’t know how anyway – and Blair was a big help!




Fried bream brings back memories of my family all piled up in my Grandparents’ single wide at the lake, making jello dough balls for carp fishing, and bream fishing in the little fishing hole the kids used. Another favorite part of going to the lake was getting these things that grew in water. They weren’t the foam ones – they were rubbery material, and we loved those things! I hope Blair will have good fishing and lake memories one day too!


Jen O'Daniel said...

What fun! Grayson LOVES fishing, too. She caught her first fish last summer, a bass. She even held it by it's open mouth! This spring, however, she's a little more skiddish of holding fish because one squirmed on her the other day and it startled her. She gets that from her mama. :)

Tell Blair that I like her (ahem, your!) Garfield fishing pole! :)

Leah said...

Blair is sooo cute fishing! The field names crack me up! HAHA! We have ones called the windmill field, fire tower, the shop, and named after people we rent from too. LOL!

Candi James said...

What a wonderful life that little girl is living! She looks so tall on the side of the bank!!!
Now....where did you say this fishing hole is? :-)