Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blair’s “Joke”

Several months back when she was learning her colors, Blair learned about red and green lights. Her Gigi always pointed them out when they were on the road to her house. “Red light” and “green light” quickly became “go green light” and “whoa/stop red light.” These have been popular for a while now, and I swear the child can see a red light from further away than I can!

It didn’t take Blair long to start teasing with her knowledge about lights, and I just realized that I guess this is her first little joke. Now she thinks it’s so funny to say “go red light!” And we have to say, “You don’t go on a red light” and she just smiles and laughs and then says, “WHOA red light.”'

She’s also doing this with my car. She knows what my car is and can point out cars that look like mine. Now it’s funny to her to point at a car, like in a parking lot, that’s not mine and say, “That mama’s car!” When we finally see my car, she’ll finally say “thaaat mama’s car” – so proud of herself for teasing me the first few times.

It’s so neat to see her little personality and sense humor developing! It reminds me of my brother Alex’s favorite joke when he was just barely older than Blair: Why did the little boy throw the clock out of the window? To see time fly!


Joanna Davis said...

haha! the fact that she's holding her swimmies makes it even funnier. what a little character!

Leah said...

That is so precious!

Candi James said...

Love that she is holding her swimmies too. That is just too sweet - she sure makes me smile!

AA said...

She is hilarious in those pink glasses! So serious!