Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adventures of a Farmer’s Wife: Plant Pickup

Last Friday Brad had one of those days… they didn’t have enough pollinator plants (more on this later) for one of the watermelon varieties and a water line at an employee house was busted with water running all over the place. On Brad’s dad’s first attempt to go get more plants, the trailer he was pulling broke a few miles from the barn because some part wasn’t put back on properly; then on his second attempt to pick up plants, he had a wreck. Thankfully he’s okay.

It worked out that I was available (I’m always willing, of course!), so Blair and I headed out to pick up the plants!

We hopped in Brad’s truck and made the hour drive to the grower. Their greenhouses were the first sign that we were in the right place!

plant pickup 0311 (1)

They had a place where they had some plants boxed up ready to travel.

plant pickup 0311 (5)

They loaded us up and tied us down! We had a full load!

plant pickup 0311 (3)plant pickup 0311 (8)

While all of the loading was going on this is what was going on inside the truck. (Notice the cheesits and the hoodlum-like expression.)

plant pickup 0311 (7)

Blair also practiced her photographic artistry.

plant pickup 0311 (9)plant pickup 0311 (14)

We had to make a pit stop on the way home… this girl can’t go to a big city and pass up Chick-fil-a!

plant pickup 0311 (16)

More watermelon posts to come… I’ve got pictures taken for a post about plastic and beds – watermelon beds, that is!


AA said...

WOW you were LOADED up!!! YUM- Chick-fil-A! Have a great day, Ash!

Melissa N. said...

Hi There, I find your great blog thru googling Owl Invitations! I love it! we are Christian Homeschoolers in NY. I would love for you to come visit! I am your newest 101 follower! Thanks for your owl pattern, I can't wait to get started on my daughter's 2nd birthday party!