Monday, March 14, 2011

Workin’ on Sunday…

Sunday work means one thing… it’s WATERMELON time! Well, it’s not exactly time for the actual watermelons, but it’s gettin’ ready time! Brad and I went to Sunday school, but for part of the day today he had the guys laying plastic and working on some other things to prepare for transplanting. I’m going to try my best to do some video this year to show more about growing watermelons. I really learned a lot doing the Cotton Elementary posts, so I guess we can all go to Watermelon Elementary this year – although I’m sure many of us are already experts in eating watermelon!

We had a fire in the shop this weekend, and we were very blessed that it did not burn the shop down. Thankfully my sister-in-law’s boyfriend saw the smoke, so all the right people got notified. It could have been really bad because the fire was very close to some flammable stuff and the new (to us) sprayer! It burned up some drip supplies but didn’t do a lot of damage. Too many things lined up just right for that fire to get put out, so we know that God was watching over us on Saturday!

More watermelon posts to come!


mountain mama said...

phew, praise God!

daniel wanted me to ask you to ask brad what the black stuff is they lay on the ground when planting the watermelons...just plastic?

thanks :)

AA said...

Can't wait for Watermelon Elementary!!