Friday, March 4, 2011

A Semi-homemade Favorite: Pizza!

I don’t know when I started making our pizza or why I even did it, but now we’re really spoiled and would rather eat pizza at home than at many restaurants. I love pizza as much as any other food, so I’m not going to turn it down many places though – and of all places… I love Stevie B’s!

Making pizza is not rocket science, and this one is just plain ol’ pizza, but last night when I made it, I thought it might be fun share my pizza-making methods – you know, just for those who’ve never tried it! (and for me to have a memory of our meals – I tend to go through phases and forget things we used to fix for supper) And, pizza’s gotta be a little bit healthier making it at home anyway, right?!

We use the thin crusts found next to the tomato sauce (usually) in the grocery store.


We like our pizza with sausage, onions, bell peppers, and sometimes mushrooms. Sometimes I put black olives on half. Brad likes those. I keep trying them, but I still don’t like them. Brad tells me not to tell anyone this because I sound like a snob, but it’s true so I’ll just go ahead and put it out there – I only eat olives in Spain. I have yet to try an olive here that I enjoy. But in Spain, the olives are amazing, and I love them. They are especially good like my “Spanish mother” used to fix them for us to snack on – fresh black olives (the kind you serve yourself from the olive store in the market), thin pieces of chopped onion about the length of the olives, paprika, and olive oil. Mix together, eat with a toothpick – DIVINE! Okay that was way off subject. But I’m resisting the urge to put that whole part in parentheses. I don’t know what it is with me and parentheses – I just love them!

First, I brown hot sausage, drain it, and dry it with a paper towel.


While the sausage is browning, I prepare the other stuff.

So we have the crust. It’s best to open the package, add ingredients to the top, and cook it before eating!


WHAT is she doing?!

To prepare the crust, I just follow the package directions and rub it with a little olive oil. FYI – this makes a mess under the crust if it has holes in it.


Then I put enough tomato sauce to thinly cover the crust. I use whatever I have in the fridge – leftover Classico Tomato and Basil sauce or pizza sauce. Anything is good.


Over the sauce, I add just a tad of mozzarella cheese. Why do I do this? Basically because the pizzas at Subway look like this before they add the toppings. I thought that if Subway did it then I should too. =) (Just using those critical thinking skills nursing school taught me. Ha!)


Then, I slice the onions in thin rings or half rings and add them to the pizza.


I do the same with about half a bell pepper – thin slices.


Now I grab my meat I set aside and add it next – and whatever other veggies.


026At this point, I like to take my hands and press the ingredients down a bit, and move them closer to the edge.

Then, I put a thin layer of mozzarella cheese on top.


The pizza cooks right on the rack for 12 – 14 minutes – I just follow the crust directions.


When it’s done, I pull it off the rack onto a pizza pan. This pizza is good competition for any pizza place!



AA said...

Made me hungry! Looks really good...we use the same crusts. SOO good!

Linsey said...

Now I think my new craving might be pizza....

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

I use that same crust and love it! It's good and much easier than trying to roll one out!

Katie Garvin said...

Looks yummy! We love making pizza. If you want something really good, use the mozzarella you have to slice. Slice it super thin and it makes a nice covering on the pizza...yum!