Monday, March 7, 2011

‘Scuse Me Tree

We have a polite child. How this happened, we have no idea. She’s yes ma’am and no ma’am (not too much on the sir) 24/7. She’s pretty good at please and thank you, too. But it’s ‘scuse me that takes the cake.

If she’s sitting on her blanket and wants it moved, ‘scuse me blanket.

If she wants something out of the way, ‘scuse me pink chair….

When she doesn’t think mommy needs to be sitting, ‘scuse me Mama (as she pushes my leg).

And then there are little episodes like this one.

017Out, chicken.

(Waving her blanket to shoo them.)

018‘Scuse me, tree.

019‘Scuse me, tree.

(she’s caught in a branch)


She exudes sweetness that certainly did not come from her mommy!