Sunday, March 27, 2011

It’s berry time!

Blair and I headed out to our local strawberry farm to pick a few strawberries Saturday. I was so glad to find out it was opening day – I was looking for something to do that didn’t involve cleaning, studying, or driving. This involved driving a few blocks, which is okay! (Since we drive a half hour to do most anything, I am no longer a fan of driving.)

Blair toted her brownie with her too.

strawberry love 032611 (12)strawberry love 032611 (4)strawberry love 032611 (9)“This one?”

strawberry love 032611 (15)

Blair had to make sure they were sweet!

strawberry love 032611 (18)strawberry love 032611 (22)

We made our way home with two whole buckets of beautiful strawberries.

strawberry baking 032711 (61)

Our next mission was to use them to entertain ourselves in the kitchen.

Exhibit A.

strawberry baking 032711 (6)strawberry baking 032711 (59)

We had to make Brad a strawberry cake. (I think that’s why he told me the strawberry patch was open!)

Exhibit B.

strawberry baking 032711 (45)

This was going to be a strawberry cheesecake, but my recipe flopped. Oh well, every recipe I concoct won’t be a winner! I’ll try again another time!


Amy Odom said...

Cute pictures of Blair as usual! I am craving some fresh berries!!!

A Peach and A Jeep said...

I am SOOO jealous--we got 6 inches of snow last week. Blair is so stinkin cute!

Linsey said...

Precious Blair pictures! I see she is lovin' those purple shoes! Sorry the cheesecake flopped :(

Logan @LifeforDessert said...

I CANNOT wait for Strawberry picking up here...have til the end of May before it's really good! One of my most favorite things to do!