Saturday, March 19, 2011

I talk to myself in Facebook status.

I know you’re saying, “What is this girl’s problem?” It’s crazy, right?

I will be working away in the house or driving to school and realize that I’m talking about myself, in my head, in third person! What is my problem?! I don’t even update my Facebook status more than a couple times a month. And I'm not all that funny, so it’s not like I’m coming up with all of these clever things to say either. Maybe I just wish I could come up with great things to say, so I just try really hard – all the time. Does that make me dedicated?

Am I alone in this? Please, someone say I’m not!

Here are some things that I’ve caught myself “say” just today.

…wishes she knew a better way to clean her floors.

…has been wearing two different flip flops for three days… and the matches are in the closet.

…loves that Blair tells the moon to “come on” when we go somewhere.

…heard this today from an anonymous person (Friday, six days after springing forward): “You know, the funniest thing… the clock in my car was an hour behind.”

…made some s’mores tonight and is having flashbacks of going to high school parties and smelling like a campfire for two days.

…has got to stop eating fiber one bars.

Blair’s obsession with the moon has made me adore it as well. It sure is beautiful tonight!

…is about to take her fat butt to the beach!

…don’t know why I think that I’ll come home from vacation and some miraculous cleaning even will have happened while I was away. I always do that and get disappointed every time.

Spring break? Not with a two year old!

I’m sure there are more that I didn’t notice (or didn’t want to share with the masses), or since I was actually trying to take note of them today they might have been fewer/different. I feel like I have a 24/7 status update in my head!

**When I get 100 followers I’m going to do another giveaway – the spoon giveaway I did was a lot of fun, so I’ll have to think of another of my loves I want to share!


Unknown said...

Trey thinks that he has a pretty cool cousin and is very proud of her, even though she might be a little crazy! :)

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

I do the same thing, girl! Social networking has fried our brains - lol! But it's so much fun :)

Marie said...

Heehee...too funny :)