Friday, March 4, 2011

Featuring my Family!

Kelly’s Korner is doing Show us your family this week, and I love to talk about my family!

Here we are! (Good pictures all three of us are rare.)


My husband Brad is a cotton and watermelon farmer. We also farm other things depending on the year. We don’t live “on the farm” because we actually farm land all over the county, but Brad’s parents do live where the barn/shop is. We – and our chickens – live in town! You can read all about us on here, so I’ll move on to my siblings!

I am the oldest of five kids. This is my favorite picture of us. Linsey is six years younger than me, then Molly three years behind her, and Hank and John three years after Mo.

Playoffs vs Stratford 112108 smallkidsLinsey, Hank, John, me, and Molly

I had just had Blair in this picture. (This was one of my few nights away from the NICU to watch my brother play football.) This was right after the football game that finished John’s season. He got t-boned when going for an onside kick, and his liver had a 7 inch laceration. We of course didn’t know it at this point, but he went to the ER that night and was in the ICU for several days. A few months and several JP drains later, he was on his way to full recovery!

lin and ben

Linsey lives in Alabama with her husband Ben. We just spent a very fun weekend at their house. They are expecting their first baby – my niece!! – in July. Linsey teaches family food science at their local school. She has the coolest classroom. It has two huge kitchen stations! Linsey is really talented and makes cookies and cakes. Her cookies are the best! Ben is also really artsy. He’s good at all the stuff I wish I was good at!

kat and hank

Hank is a sophomore at Georgia Tech. He’s into computers – or something like that. I just know I always get his gift ideas from Wired magazine! His girlfriend (the better half ;)) Kathryn is wonderful. We love her!

john and moJohn and Molly at an Auburn game

John is also a sophomore at Georgia Tech studying business, but he’s in Australia studying right now. He is taking Spanish and said it’s going to be a breeze because of ME! Yay! I taught him and Hank three years of Spanish in high school. John is the sweetest thing and is going to make some girl a great husband one day!


Molly goes to school with me! She’s a year behind me in the nursing program. She graduated from Auburn with an equine science degree and decided to go to nursing school. She’s an Auburn Tiger through and through! She’s has a natural talent for art and photography. And she can work with horses like no other! We all love her boyfriend Josh, especially Blair.

We have another brother, Alex, who was two years younger than me and died when we were young. Blair is named after him.

I’m so blessed to have such wonderful brothers and sisters. We have so much fun together. We all love playing board games and got together several times over the holidays to play – so much fun! I love them so much!!

first teeth cleaning 011211 (14)

We have amazing parents. They live where we grew up. My mom keeps Blair a few days a week for me. She’s a caterer. She makes the most delicious food and cakes. She’s the most giving person I know. She regularly puts off her work to help us out. We are all so blessed to have her. My dad is the serious prankster in the family. If I have a question Brad can’t answer, I call dad. He’s very smart and a great businessman. He’s gearing up right now for the FMCA rally at the Georgia National Fairgrounds. His RV Park, Fair Harbor, is right across the interstate from the fairgrounds, so he will be super busy in the coming two weeks!

I love y’all, Mom and Dad!

That’s my family! Thanks for stopping by to meet us!

(Some pictures swiped from facebook and my sisters’ blogs!)


Mama Bear said...

I bet your house was rarely quiet with all of your brothers and sisters running around. It sounds like you had a very loving family - thanks for sharing!

AA said...

I love those McCords (and Woods, of course)!! Great post, Ash! Super cute pics!

Unknown said...

Such a great post, Ash! Makes me miss y'all even more! You do have such a wonderful family and it's getting bigger every day!!

Amanda said...

I am blog hopping and your title caught my attention. I'm in South GA too! I live in Cairo, GA. :o)