Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Down to a pair.


We’re basically starting over with chickens. A few weeks ago, one flew over into the dog pen, and the dogs play with her too hard, and the same day two others were killed by something else. I have two left – Browning and my rooster.


I haven’t been letting them out too much lately because their new favorite spot is the front yard for every stray dog to walk by and see them. I hate that, but I’d rather have the two than to have to start completely over.


So Friday, Blair and I took a field trip to get more chickens. Since I’m not doing the adult thing again (see lessons learned), I had planned to go back to the feed store where I got the chicks last year. In addition to his regular stock I could choose from, the owner had also special ordered some Welsummers for me and Linsey. Our roosters are Welsummers, and she only has one hen, and I don’t have any at all. It turned out that he didn’t get the chickens, and since I had told Blair that we were getting them, I took her to Tractor Supply. She was so excited, and I didn’t want to disappoint her again. (We went to get them last week, and he had not gotten them then either – something about the hatchery delaying the order.) Blair had been talking about getting new “baby chickens” for two days. So we were getting baby chickens. I didn’t care what kind they were!


They didn’t really have exactly what I would have wanted, but we got something I think we’re going to really like. They had “assorted” red pullets, which is random breeds of red hens. I picked three of those because all of the red breeds lay often and lay big eggs. The featured breed was the Giant Cochin. I didn’t know what they were, but I thought they were pretty, and Blair wanted the “wewo” ones. Lucky for me because I would rather have buff than black! So we got three buff Cochins.


Blair was so excited to get them out at home. We put them in a box, and she kept saying, “hey chicken!” She demanded that they drink, but they didn’t seem to want to mind.

025High tech chicken housing – on my dining room floor, in a wipes box under a light clamped to my fake fichus tree.

028The red striped ones are Sex Links or Red Stars.


The cochins are neat looking – with feathers down to their toes! They are not know to be really good layers, but they are supposed to be really sweet, so I hope they will let Blair handle them when they are older.


Aren’t they sweet?! Below is what the adult hens look like.

cochinPicture from Tractor Supply

They’re in there chirping away on the dining room floor – lets hope they all make it!

I’m still planning to get some others. I need a cushion in case I lose some! And I don’t think we could have enough eggs around here!


Logan @LifeforDessert said...

Cute little chicks just in time for Easter! I love that they come in a box....kinda like the kind you get donut holes in! LOL!

mountain mama said...

we love all those kinds of chicks ~ hoping for better luck this time!!

Unknown said...

I'm so trying to talk Rhett into letting us get some chickens, but I am kind of scared our dogs would mess with them.

Amy said...

great pictures! love seeing blair with those chicks - too cute!! btw, i love the new pic of blair on your sidebar - she is precious!! her smile literally lights up her entire face :)

Sarah said...

baby chiks! What fun! Always get the chik urge along with Spring Fever