Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Homemade Play Dough

Cooking plus play dough equals right up Miss Blair’s alley! She and I made play dough back during the holidays. She had a blast.

One thing I don’t mind is a royal mess. It all cleans up with a little work!

play dough 111310 (2)play dough 111310 (4)play dough 111310 (9)play dough 111310 (13)

Not only does the little stinker like to cook, she likes to swipe the camera remote!

play dough 111310 (16)play dough 111310 (27)

I let her stir before I turned the burner on.

play dough 111310 (32)

Then she took all the pictures while I finished off the play dough.

play dough 111310 (46)

The one thing missing – the mint smell. Our play dough when I was a child always smelled like mint. My mom said that my great aunt told her to put Oil of Peppermint in it (and supposedly it’s found at the drug store). Well, I didn’t have any of that, so I used grape drink mix in one and vanilla in another. It just wasn’t the same though, so I’m going to have the mint for next time!

I used a recipe I found here. All of the recipes seem good, and I used some of the play dough tips, too. The vanilla play dough smelled yummy! I just wish I had had my mom’s icing coloring – the drops don’t work so well. A little drink mix would probably be just right, but I used the whole package, so our purple was pretty much black!

Definitely a fun activity to do with the little cook in the household!


Unknown said...

have fun!!

Anonymous said...

I think Cheri has done this with Reid & Mia or it might have been homemade slime putty...stuff. I like to bake cupcakes & other stuff along that line and Mia loves to help me...she will even crack the eggs. Great post, love the pictures!!!

Mallorie said...

I just stumbled across your blog, SO CUTE!!! :-) Your daughter is precious! And my fiance is from South Georgia, I wish we lived there now...maybe someday :-) Homemade Playdough looks so fun!