Monday, February 14, 2011

All sunshine and rainbows, then WHAM with the bad news.

At one point while I was teaching, my school was going through a transition phase. We had lots of meetings and lots of changes. What I remember most about the meetings is that we would get all of this praise and good news to start the meeting, and then WHAM would come with the “but” and the bad part. The bad part was never anything really bad (it was for the best actually, but you know how we humans do when change is put on us), but the format was used so often that it’s what I remember most about that year.

I had a flashback of that today when I got the mail. Evidently school administrators aren’t the only folks who use that format.

I got a thick envelope telling me that I was getting a gift from Dish Network for their anniversary. (This is interesting since we just got FOX and ABC back after an almost 6 week hiatus due to greediness a dispute between dish and the local provider. We waited out but a lot of folks swapped service.) Anyway. It was a nice shiny large envelope with decorative writing on it. They did it up right. But, I wasn’t even going to open it. Then I decided it might be something tangible that Blair could play with, so I checked it out.

The letter talked about how we were getting a set of movie channels for a whole year free. That was their gift to us for being loyal customers on their anniversary. Two paragraphs later… and by the way we’re raising your programming rates starting if February. Don’t you just love that? Does that whole give-lots-of-good-news-then-WHAM-‘em-with-the-bad format really do anything for people? I’ll be honest. I’m not going to do a thing about it because rate increases are just what happen (the worst day of the year is that envelope from BCBS – ugh!), but I just find it interesting how a bunch of sweet talk at the beginning is supposed to make it all better.


Linsey said...

I got an email about free Starz channels, but it didn't say anything about a rate increase. I am going to have to check that out!

CHERI said...

I have to admit I used that tactic with parents when I taught and now use it with student teachers:) I do try to remember to end on a good note though! Sort of like the song..."a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down." These days EVERYTHING is going up...groceries, gas! Just a sign of the times.