Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Break Wrap Up

We have spent many many minutes and a lot of money on wasted water for Blair to “wash dishes” twice a day.

Blair is into waving wildly while saying (yelling), “I be right back!!” as she disappears running.

Washing turnips is FOR THE BIRDS. They look beautiful in the field but not in my tub!

Brad says that since he’s 1/16 Native American Indian that he can take back the new Droid Pro that he gave me – and keep it for himself. (I realize this is not politically correct, but it’s still funny.)

Blair’s diaper leaked one evening, and what told us that it happened it hat she grabbed her pants as soon as it happened and said, “Got to wash it!” I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear that phrase.

After saying bye bye to Gigi’s Christmas tree, Blair couldn’t stand seeing it all alone on the back deck a few days later. She said, “let that Christmas tree in?”

Something that came out of my mouth this week: “Please don’t unsweep my trash!”

My new rooster is getting beaten up by the hens, but my husband may make me move out if I put another chicken on the porch. We’ve already got one that is tailfeatherless (and was also being picked on) making a mess of it!

I know next to zero about my schedule for this semester. Evidently nursing school likes to do that because this is not the first time that has been the case.

It’s the end of my break, and I haven’t gotten near the organizing I wanted to get done. Oh well. There’s always another day….


Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

"Let that Christmas tree in!" LOL!!! I love it!

Katie said...

I've followed you from Jill's blog (my SIL) and love your stories about Blair! She and my 2 year old, Arabelle, sound so similar....2 funny little girls!

Ashley said...

she is the cutest, I love it! Im so glad she is talking more and more- how exciting! Love reading your blog- it's great! :)

Janet Phillips said...

what a cutie your little one is!! It sounds like you had a good break, good luck with the up coming semester!