Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome, 2011!

Last year we ended up the ER with a very sick Blair on New Years Day. It was her first cold, and I think it took 10 days for her to bounce back. 10 days of breathing really, really fast. Not fun.

This year has started much the same, but thankfully not nearly as bad. Blair has another cold – the first since late March – but she seems to be tolerating it quite well. I was on the verge of tears the entire day Thursday as her nose ran and bright eyes began to fade. I kept praying that she wouldn’t end up in the hospital. She has stayed pretty active and herself for the most part, so we are so thankful for that! I haven’t even had to increase her breathing treatments.

2011 began while Blair watched Baby McDonald from my bed with me dozing on and off beside her. She had woken up just before midnight wanting to get up. After letting her cry in her bed for a little bit, I realized she wasn’t going back to sleep. She’s not real good at sleeping in our bed, so after over an hour of TV, she was back in her bed still awake. She took her oxygen monitor probe off three times (it goes crazy beeping) before I pulled out the mean mommy voice and told her that she better not take it off again. And she didn’t. (I usually put the monitor and her nasal cannula on her after she goes to sleep – it’s obviously easier that way – but since it was 1am and I was so tired I didn’t trust myself to get back up.)

Today we have come to my parents’ house away from Brad, who was feeling bad last night and is now sick. It’s easier to have Blair somewhere else in case he has something different that she might get. Plus, we have no idea why but Blair requires less supplemental oxygen at my parents’ house – many nights here she doesn’t need it at all. Our house is a lot older, so that may be it. Brad and I are going to look into getting a new central unit in the spring to see if that may help. Ours is ancient anyway.

Without housework to do, I don’t know what to do with myself. So I guess I’ll work on some pictures and blog posts I’ve still got to get written – posts that will surely be less boring than this one!

Yay for 2011!  Even though we’re starting it with a cold, I know this year will be great. I have a lot to look forward to.

  • I’m so excited about getting a little niece or nephew in the summertime!!
  • And almost just as exciting is my graduation and hopefully my getting a JOB. I’m thrilled about my future as a nurse. I have really enjoyed school and feel like God has just the place for me in nursing. And oh how we will be so thankful to have employer insurance instead of the super-expensive-and-not-so-great private kind – and an income that doesn’t depend on the weather and produce supply and demand!
  • Brad and I have a lot of fun Farm Bureau Young Farmer events to enjoy – beginning with Disney in February! It will be my first trip to Disney in a very long time!
  • We will learn a lot about Blair’s hearing future this year. There are many unanswered questions that may be answered in 2011.
  • My baby will turn 3. At least that’s at the end of the year! =) She’s growing up too fast.

Yes, 2011 will be a great year.


AA said...

Happy New Year, Ash!! Sooo exciting about Lin. How is she feeling? Hope Blair and Brad feel better soon! Hola to Mrs. Jan and Mr. Tim,

CHERI said...

Sorry Blair & Brad are sick. I do believe older homes affect our breathing and health. We lived in an older home when Trey was a toddler and his allergies were terrible...lots and lots and lots of coughing. Older homes also often have molds that we don't see or even know they're there and mold is really bad for people like Blair (and me) who have breathing issues. You might want to have someone check under your house for this. Hope everyone gets well soon!