Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today was a busy yet good day. We had a lot of things going on!

outside 011910 (9)

Blair and I made waffles this morning and played in her room (which is so cute with her new pink shelves I got at Target!), played play doh, and went outside to swing and play with Buddy and Gus.

outside 011910 (8)Only she can fit through that little space!

I asked Blair to hold my hand… “No ma’am. Hold Blair hand.” And she held her own hand. She’s too big for her own britches! I also heard the first “go potty outside?” This is my fault because we had no other choice the other day when we were out in one of the orchards with Brad. Oh well. She’s a country girl, so I guess it’s okay (but I made her go inside since we were home!).

outside 011910 (12)outside 011910 (10)

The electricians showed up very early this morning to finish our electrical work. Our house had BIG problems. Our lights flickered all the time. Sometimes the TV wouldn’t turn on. The other morning, I plugged in the waffle iron, and the lights in the entire house dimmed. I unplugged it, and everything went back to normal. We had multiple outlets that didn’t work. It messed up the microwave. It was bad. But now… but now, we have a new breaker box and some new outlets too! Yay! And I don’t have to use one of those pesky plug adapters to plug in my computer. It only took three years of begging to get this done. I’m just a little excited.

outside 011910 (13)

In the midst of all of that, there was a sudden change in my preceptor assignment for school. To get my paperwork signed on time, I had to do it today. So I had to make quick arrangements to make the trip over to the hospital. I’m now going to be in ICU instead of ER, which is perfectly fine with me. The ICU is very nice, and my preceptor seems great. I start my shifts next week and hope to get most all of them in before I start Community Health clinicals in March. Busy, busy!

Blair wanted to go back outside after her nap… “take purple socks outside?” Only my child would ask to play with purple socks outside. But before I knew it, she had swapped her socks for those purple ones, put on pink shoes (with her red shirt), and was at the door.

outside 011910 (6)

On the potty training front, we are there! We have got the whole business down pat. It probably took a week to get the #2 part down, but now she knows what’s going on. We are still using diapers for nap and nighttime though. We got some Elmo big girl pants, and they were a hit! Now that pottying is not a new thing, she sometimes has an accident, but they are rare. Earlier this week, we were playing, and Blair said, “Go pot- uh oh, got to wash it!” She had wet her britches. Overall she’s doing fabulously -- I’m so proud of her; that was so easy!


Amy said... that she just wanted to hold her own hand :)
she's a hoot!

A Peach and A Jeep said...

I'm so jealous of the potty training---Noah just doesn't want to do it yet. I'm hoping when he's ready that he'll do it great!

Janet Phillips said...

I just love those sock monkey hats...they crack me up!!

CHERI said...

When you wait until they are ready (not just mama) it goes so much easier. Both mine trained quickly. Leigh (one of the twins) and his wife are pregnant. And of course Beau & Laurie are too. So we will be adding two new Luckies to the clan in the same year.