Saturday, January 8, 2011

Potty Training Newbie

If you don’t want to read an elaborate story about my first potty training experience, skip this post!

I’m new at the whole potty training thing. I’m just doing the best I can and trying to take some cues from my best girl. For me, potty training was not something I wanted to push. I don’t want Blair to grow up too fast. She can sleep in her crib as long as she’s not crawling out and use a sippy cup too – she’ll only be doing those things for a short time, we might as well enjoy them! Blair didn’t show an interest in pottying for a long time, so I didn’t bother pushing that either.

Around about the time she turned two I started asking her if she’d like to potty before bathtime (our potty – the big one). She’s always been very attentive when others go to the potty, and she loves toilet paper – like all kids. If she wanted to great, if she didn’t that was fine too. She would sit but didn’t actually go for the longest time – then finally, the first week in December it happened! We continued with before bathtime and added before naptime. Blair got a potty for Christmas, and I found out quickly that she did much better on the big potty – the little one was too easy to escape from!


The easing in continued until this week when Wednesday I decided to try no diaper for part of the day. Blair, aka The Queen of Clean and “got to wash it!,” likes clean and dry. When we wash dishes, she removes any clothing that is wet afterwards saying, “got to wash ‘em.” So, I figured we’d try big girl pants, and if she had an accident, I would tell her everything was okay, but after that she would “get it.” We practiced saying “Go potty, Mama,” which she never said, but the whole thing went great. She pottied the three or four times I took her, and only later in the day did she have an accident, or two. The second time though, she went in the potty as well, so she had realized what was happening and stopped herself!

Thursday was an entire day of big girl pants. She had two accidents first thing that morning and was dry dry for the rest of the day – except nap, we’re not doing sleep time yet. I took her to the potty about every 45 minutes to an hour. She went every time. Every. Single. Time. She did great!!

IMG_0266This week’s favorite accessories include sunglasses (which she will wear all day, inside) and her winter hat.

Friday and Saturday were dry days with no accidents except for poo – we haven’t got that part yet, but I think she’s on her way! Today she even told me a few times that she needed to go potty, and she woke up with a dry diaper after her 3 hour nap. She also took her own clothes off and went by herself one time! I was shocked! And she’s using the little potty! (I’m so glad we started on the big potty though because now she doesn’t mind sitting on it just in case we need to do that somewhere else.)

Blair is doing so great, but there are two small issues… without a diaper there is very little to hold her britches up. And it looks like someone moved out of them. She wears a 2 for the length, but the waist is WAY to big on everything she has. Big girl underwear is not helping in that department.


The other thing? When you teach a child with an small obsession with being clean how to potty in the potty and not in her big girl underwear, she might just not want to potty in her diaper anymore either. Tonight, my usually go-to-sleep-right-after-I-put-her-down baby cried in her bed and asked to go potty THREE times after bed time. I took her every time, but she only went once. She may have been playing us a little, but when she cries in her bed there is usually something wrong! Last night was fine so maybe tonight was just an off night for bedtime.

I’m so proud of Blair! I’d like to say I can’t believe this has been so easy, but with Blair being Blair I really shouldn’t be surprised at all!


LeAnna said...

They say girls are so much easier than boys to potty train! My son is 2 and is just now getting used to peeing on a regular basis. He hated the small potty chair, but I got him one of those little seats that go on the big potty, and he loves that. But he will pee in his undies all day long, and not even care. Boys! But, I'm trying not to push it either, it'll happen. It'd be real nice if my daughter would catch on sooner, though. LOL!