Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Not-At-All-Wicked Witch

The pictures make me think of the Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz makes me think of my sister Linsey. Her favorite movie (well, one of them) when she was little was The Wizard of Oz. She also liked Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Meet Me in St. Louis. I could probably still sing those songs!

Her favorite part in the Wizard of Oz was when Dorothy’s house falls on the ground and Dorothy says, “oop.” It seems that I remember her rewinding that part over and over.

You know how the wicked witch’s feet stick out of the house?


There’s no witch and certainly no wicked attached to these feet!

009Boo! Just a big smile!


Linsey said...

I'm so glad you remember that, because I really don't. The only think I remember is watching it and forcing Molly to sit in the red rocking chair so I could braid her hair in Dorothy braids. I usually only got to do one side! And I think I can probably sing all of those songs too!

Jamie said...

HAHA!! That is really cute :)
That Blair seems like such a rascal!

Steph said...

Hey! My email is turtle3539(at) What county does your sister live in? I'm sure she knows, but Alabama has the Alabama Farmers Federation, which is part of the Farm Bureau. It is a division of Alfa Insurance. All she has to do is go to her local Alfa office and they can point her in the right direction! Each county has their own Young Farmer group (a few counties don't have one though). If she can't find who to contact, let me know, cause I'll either know them, or know someone who knows them! lol.

AA said...

So cute!

Ashley said...

She looks SO TINY on that big ol' bed! I love it! :)