Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Hoarder

I am one of five kids, so it’s weird to be in my parents’ house when it’s empty! That’s exactly what Blair and I experienced while Brad was sick, and we had a great time. It was nice to have time to play with Blair all day without worrying about housework and cooking. (And she was even more spoiled rotten by the time we got home!) We played with all of Gigi’s toys and all the Christmas toys I had brought.

I found out Blair is just like her mama. Her little habits are so funny. She, like most kids, likes her things. Here are some pictures of her collecting stuff at Gigi’s.

An armfull of purple clothes. Don’t we all like to lug around purple clothes? I thought so. (And a purple dress over her jammies. With the blue bow.)

at gigi's 010211 (2)at gigi's 010211 (3)at gigi's 010211 (4)

Then she found a bag. Oh, give this child a bag, and things will go missing. Kitchen tongs, clothes, whatever.

gigi's house 010311 (2)

First, it started with a stacking box and a few other things – puzzle pieces, cookie parts, her blankets – in her pink chair while we were playing.

gigi's house 010311 (6)gigi's house 010311 (4)

Under the blankets stuffed in the box? More stuff.

gigi's house 010311 (7)

It was then that she found the bag and disappeared to the pantry. This is what she came back with. Pop-tarts and nutrigrain bars.

gigi's house 010311 (5)

And in went the stuff from the chair.

gigi's house 010311 (3)

And of course she had to carry it around everywhere.

gigi's house 010311 (25)

And just to be sure, she’d check to see that everything was still in there.

gigi's house 010311 (26)gigi's house 010311 (27)

Yep! Looks good!


Unknown said...

We still have a phone and a remote missing!

Amy said...

this is hilarious, because libbi is the exact same way! we call her our little hoarder, too! :)
we find puzzle pieces in her pretend mailbox, spoons in the pajamas of her dolls, and her purse is always stuffed with little trinkets that she picks up throughout the day. jeffrey and i laugh as we empty out her purse each night and all the random stuff she collects (most of the time we have no idea when/where she even gets it!) ;)

Katie said...

That is too funny. Arabelle is a hoarder too. Must be something about 2 year olds. :)