Saturday, January 8, 2011

“I’ll just put it up in the attic.”

Evidently I’ve said that a few too many times because now we’re here:

attic reorganizing 0111 (50)

Our attic is large and full. I’m happy to say that the entire contents of the attic are not mine, but I do confess that I am responsible for a great deal of the mess.

I am a box hoarder.

attic reorganizing 0111 (40)

Why do I need these boxes? Am I planning a move? Not that I know of! I have no idea what my problem is. When I get a package, I just usually throw the box up in the attic in case I need it. In case I need it. The only problem is that the packages far outnumber the in case I need its. I do use the diaper boxes to pack up Blair’s stuff so that it is easily distinguishable, but all the other boxes… um, I probably don’t need those.

Brad and I watched Hoarders the other day, and it must have gotten us both in the mood to clean because one mention of cleaning out the attic, and we were doing it two days later! Non-procrastination is unheard of in this household – I even asked Brad what was wrong with him!

We spent the better part of Blair’s nap Thursday clearing out. It’s a good thing she sleeps like her mama because she didn’t make a peep as we stomped up and down right next to her room.

Our house is 70 years old, and I think that there was some stuff up there from the decade in which the house was built. We had a great time sifting through the old stuff. Other old stuff includes ALL of the stuff Brad replaced when remodeling the house. Since it was his grandfather’s at the time, he didn’t throw anything away!

First we came across a few household items:

attic reorganizing 0111 (2)The old bathroom medicine cabinet, with safeTchest!

attic reorganizing 0111 (7)A hot plate and a concrete block and tile mold. Yes, everyone needs one of those!

attic reorganizing 0111 (10)A pile of scrap iron that someone used to sleep on

We also found an old meat grinder. Pretty neat.

Next came the antique Singer sewing machine. I wish it were in better shape because it is something else!

attic reorganizing 0111 (23)

Then there’s the ski that probably belonged to Brad’s dad.

attic reorganizing 0111 (48)

The next treasure was the “antique” dishwasher Brad put up there.

attic reorganizing 0111 (35)attic reorganizing 0111 (36)

And way back in the corner was a Zenith jukebox or radio – whatever they called it, it is HUGE – as big as the dishwasher!

attic reorganizing 0111 (31)attic reorganizing 0111 (30)attic reorganizing 0111 (32)

We’ve probably found all of the treasures because the majority of what’s left is stuff that has collected since I’ve lived here. In an attempt to spare my own embarrassment, I’m going to forego before pictures, but I’ll try to do a few after!


mountain mama said...

i'm a box hoarder too, guess can we mail things to people a lot.

love the vintage items.

it's a good thing to simplify and go through things..yay for you!

CHERI said...

My attic is full but cleaned and organized for the most part due to me cleaning out before Christmas. I love big plastic containers...labeled, of course:)