Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice (is heavy)

Just before I went to bed last night I could hear the tink, tink of ice hitting our roof. When we woke up this morning, everything was covered in ice. Icicles everywhere – and the ground crunched as I walked out to check on my chickens.


(The chickens were fine. I was worried about my sweet rooster who is now sleeping who knows where. He’s not in the coop at night, but he shows back up in the morning – running to me when I call. I haven’t been shutting the coop at night because the hens are beating the rooster up when they are all shut up together in the mornings before I let them out, so I just leave the door open so they can go on out and leave him alone. Just a little update on my chicken drama.)

Brad just did some limb work in the yard, and the ice took the courtesy of doing some more. Ice is so heavy!

005This tree lost one huge limb and then another a few hours later. Blair’s sandbox is under there!

All of the bushes in the back branch (as they call the woods in these parts) were sagging to the ground. Everything looked so different.

014My sagging palms and limbs on the ground in the front yard.

Brad said the cotton fields with stalks standing looked like ice fields.

There were icicles everywhere all day long. The sheets of ice that covered our cars were gone by late afternoon but all of the icicles remained.


I wish I had gotten a chance to take some good pictures. I took these while carrying Blair around the yard. She had on her pajamas, coat, hat, sunglasses, and two blankets. I was having a hard time managing her much less my camera!

We’ll have to see what it looks like in the morning. I have school, but I’m not going anywhere in ice!


AA said...

Be careful, Ash!

Steph said...

We got 4 1/2" of snow and ice!

mountain mama said...


Anonymous said...

How pretty! We were hoping for snow last night.. but not a flurry came.

Ashley said...

Wow… we sure DID get some bad weather didn't we? I enjoyed it though. It was nice to be all shut in the house with the kids in the cold!