Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Fun

This Christmas was so much fun. Blair really enjoyed giving and opening gifts. She could tell you who many of the gifts under our tree were for!

We spent Christmas Eve with Brad’s family. We went over early to play and open gifts, then we had a delicious tenderloin supper with twice baked potatoes. I made okra and tomatoes, a request from my sweet husband, and one of his favorites for dessert – crème brulee!

Blair collected all of the purple kynex pieces.

christmas eve 2010 (4)christmas eve 2010 (5)

christmas eve 2010 (6)

Knocking down Andad’s tower!

christmas eve 2010 (14)

Hand sanitizer all around!

christmas eve 2010 (24)For me…

 christmas eve 2010 (26) christmas eve 2010 (30)

Aunt Kimmie, mama, and daddy! She says, “Mama have some.”

Blair had so much fun opening her gifts. She loved her new baby bed and ran to the den to get a baby to put in it – only she brought back a 4 inch figurine from the playhouse! Then she wanted to put all of the purple kynex she had collected in the baby bed to keep safe.

christmas eve 2010 (34)

Blair also got a beautiful rocking chair. She loves to rock.

christmas eve 2010 (39)christmas eve 2010 (43)

She got two sets of kitchen accessories, and every time her aunt pulled a piece out of the packaging, Blair exclaimed, “Like Mama!!” It was obvious that she cooks with mama often! She took all of the pieces over to her daddy for him to see.

christmas eve 2010 (46) christmas eve 2010 (50)

christmas eve 2010 (51)

christmas eve 2010 (54)

I got a set of tupperware bowls I had been wanting, but Blair confiscated one of the bowls. You only need one guess to figure out which one!

christmas eve 2010 (60)

On Christmas morning, Blair slept in because we had had a late night then she woke up just as I was finishing ambrosia and was about to go to bed (1am) and stayed up for a few hours. Something like that always happens when she gets in bed late. It pays to stick to her 7:30 – 8:00 bedtime!

Santa was good to Blair – he brought her educational things or other stuff she needed. She got a bunch of books, a potty, some legos, a couple of puzzles (with language focus), wooden magnetic ABCs, paint for her easel, a ball thrower, and some tennis balls. The ball thrower was a hit. We already had one, but Santa thought Blair needed her own because no one was able to use the other one to throw the ball when she’s outside!

christmas day 2010 (5) christmas day 2010 (7) christmas day 2010 (12) christmas day 2010 (14) christmas day 2010 (19)

*I need to comment on her outfit. When she woke up, she wanted to put on the owl dress and my apron and of course the blue bow. So she did!

Her stocking was filled with socks that she really needed. She also got another blue bow, some spoons, and a flashlight. All of these things were wildly popular.

christmas day 2010 (27) christmas day 2010 (31) christmas day 2010 (35)

Have you ever seen such joy over a blue bow?!

christmas day 2010 (41) christmas day 2010 (42) christmas day 2010 (43) christmas day 2010 (45)

She threw the socks to the side.

christmas day 2010 (46)christmas day 2010 (51) Happy about spoons!

And after the discovery of the flashlight…

christmas day 2010 (54)

Everyone had to open up!

christmas day 2010 (57) christmas day 2010 (58)

Lining her spoons up just right.

christmas day 2010 (59) christmas day 2010 (61)

christmas day 2010 (62)

Look how perfect she lined them up.

Brad’s family came over to play with Blair and have breakfast with us on Christmas morning. Here’s my table! I had breakfast casserole, pancakes, biscuits, grits, and ambrosia. Blair tore up some pancakes! We were impressed with how well she ate!

christmas day 2010 (22)

I was so happy to use my Christmas china for the first time in a long time! I already had a lot of Spode before Brad and I got married, so I registered for a more fun/casual set – Vietri’s Pallini Holiday, which I love! It’s green and red with polka dots and painted Santas and trees. It goes great with the Spode as well. The red serving pieces are from the Vietri set.

After cleaning up a little, we headed to Gigi and GT’s house for lunch. Blair immediately saw her new play kitchen. She loves it. She does really well with pretend play.

mo pics blair 122510christmas day 2010 (78) The paci stays in the bed unless we need backup to keep her hands out of her mouth.

christmas day 2010 (81)christmas day 2010 (82)mo pics blair gigi 122510 mo pics blair water 122510She really wanted to wash her hands with real water!

mo pics me blair 122510 christmas day 2010 (86)Hank had John’s name this year and wrapped John’s gift at least four times.

mo pics me sweater 122510 John had my name and gave me a beautiful sweater!

mo pics mom 122510 Mom loved her kindle that we girls (and hubbies) got her!

christmas day 2010 (87)Sticking close to Gigi!

We got a big family picture – that’s a task in itself! But I don’t have a copy so I’ll have to get it posted. And I have one picture of me, Brad, and Blair but it’s terrible.

christmas day 2010 (104)christmas day 2010 (115)

My sister Linsey and her hubby were able to come, and then Linsey stayed the rest of the week. She was going to spend one night with us, but we had to have dinner in Perry that night, so Blair and I ended up spending the night with her! We had fun! Blair loves “Aunt Lin.”

christmas day 2010 (97)

And no day is complete without cleaning! (on her own accord of course) (Today she spilled a cup of water, went to the laundry room to get a towel, brought the towel to the den, and cleaned up the water before I ever realized she spilled something.)

christmas day 2010 (92) christmas day 2010 (93) christmas day 2010 (94)

We had a great Christmas. We are so blessed to have been able to celebrate our Savior’s birth with our families who live close enough that we get to see them often. Blair got way too much stuff (but it was all so cute!), so Brad says now I have to put a bunch of stuff up! (Speaking of, I watched a few episodes of Hoarders on TLC – now that is scary stuff. It made me want to go clean out my attic. But it’s too cold, so it will have to wait ;). ) Now Brad has to get well so that we can go back home and get that putting up done and store decorations before I go back to school – drug calc test on Friday!


Janie said...

I'm so glad ya'll had a great Christmas! I LOVE ALL of Blair's smocked dresses! I really like her Christmas mornibg outfit too! That girl has great taste...;)

jmluckie said...

Glad we got to see you.Hope Blair is feeling well.

Ashley said...

What an amazing Christmas! Thank you for sharing it! She is a doll!!!