Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blair’s First Teeth Cleaning

Yesterday we headed back over to Pediatric Dentistry of Central Georgia to have Blair’s first teeth cleaning. This was a our third visit, as we had had two previous visits for Dr. Margaret to look at Blair’s teeth (she had bumped one tooth and then broke the same one on our tub).

I could not be more pleased with our experience. We were called right on time (have YOU ever been called on time at the dentist? I don’t think I have!) and went back to sit in the big girl chair. I ended up holding Blair in my lap – she was a little apprehensive.

first teeth cleaning 011211 (2)

The hygienist showed Blair some of the tools. They have the cutest kid-friendly words they use for what all the tools do. Blair wasn’t a huge fan of the tickle tiger brush, but she loved the purple gloves!

first teeth cleaning 011211 (4)Feeling the tickle brush on her finger. And she got a purple toothbrush – right up her alley!

The hygienist introduced Blair to the tickle brush in her mouth, but she mainly used the purple toothbrush. Blair was a little squirmy but she calmed down when she realized it was just a toothbrush. Then when Katie pulled out the mirror and the light, Blair was perfect. She opened really wide – that’s what you do for a flashlight after all! She let Katie look in her mouth really well. Two of her molars are mostly in, and the one other has broken through. I knew they were there, but Blair is such a great teether we never had a problem! (A kid as tough as nails may be a result of two months in the NICU – or part of God’s help of getting her through it. She’s a tough one for sure.)

first teeth cleaning 011211 (8)After the “cleaning” Blair was all about sitting by herself (with her purple glove in her lap, purple socks that don’t match, and sunglasses!).

She got lots of things to play with and lots of praise. The visit was very smooth, and no one pushed Blair to do anything that might scare her in the future – very relaxed!

first teeth cleaning 011211 (13)She always puts her sunglasses on upside down.

Dr. Margaret had a look, and we got to talk toddler. Her son is right about Blair’s age. I think Dr. Margaret is wonderful and am so glad we have her practice in our area.

Blair was happy to leave with a squishy duck, a precious first cleaning t-shirt, and a bag of goodies (she called the tooth paste medicine – I guess it looked more like her eczema medicine than her animal toothpaste at home!).

first teeth cleaning 011211 (18)

It was a great experience, and Blair is excited about her new toothbrush!

first teeth cleaning 011211 (17)


Ashley said...

Bella was apprehensive the first cleaning too but adjusted after awhile. Blair has the sweetest little face!

AA said...

She is sooo cute! Sweet is the perfect word!

Shaana said...

We love our pediatric dentist here, too! They do such an awesome job and make the experience easier on the kids. Our Noah has a mess of a mouth so we have already had to have some work done. Thankful that they make him feel comfortable!