Saturday, January 15, 2011

Banished. Twice.

Poor Brad has been sick twice in the last two weeks, so Blair and I have been expelled from our home and sent to Gigi’s house to spend what seems to be more time there than at home!

At Gigi’s “Wowa” (Lola) is so much fun to play with! (Poor Wowa!)

torturing lola 010210 (1)torturing lola 010210 (7)

The first time we went was on New Year’s Day, and we spent two nights there all alone while everyone was gone snow skiing! Talk about boring! I kept Blair busy though, and she came home very spoiled from all of the attention.

This time we spent three nights after Brad was well for a week or so then had a fever one night. For a couple of days we stayed home, and he just came in from work after Blair went to bed, but when he started coughing, he thought it would be best for us to pack up.

Gigi has chocolate everywhere…

gigi's house 010311 (8)gigi's house 010311 (9)

gigi's house 010311 (12)gigi's house 010311 (14)

…and Blair even eats the dark.

gigi's house 010311 (18)

It’s crazy trying to keep a child well during cold and flu season. Blair gets the RSV prevention shots monthly (and because of those, Blair will meet her deductible at the beginning of February – lovely), but it’s still hard work. No wally. No restaurants. No play dates. No church. Very little family. Asking every one, “You don’t have a cold or anything do you?” We try hard. We’re probably way overprotective, but 3 days in the PIMCU for a cold is no fun. We relax a tad during the summer, but until she can handle it, we’re trying hard to keep sickness to a minimum. We are thankful that she handled the cold she had last week pretty well – her third cold and the first one that we were able to handle without an ER visit or hospital stay!

Blair loves being at Gigi’s house though, so it’s not a bad thing. At least we have somewhere to go – and it’s fun too!

At Gigi’s there are chocolate muffins too.

tasting muffin batter 010111 (1)tasting muffin batter 010111 (2)tasting muffin batter 010111 (3)

We “bake” cookies at Gigi’s. (Oven choice by Blair.)

baking cookies 010111 (1)baking cookies 010111 (2)

And Gigi has a driveway to draw on.

at gigi's 010211 (11)at gigi's 010211 (9)

Yeah, it’s not so bad there. Even when mama’s the only one to play with. =)


mountain mama said...

oh, no fun. well, it's looks like gigi's is fun but no fun to be banished!

hope everyone stays very healthy this season!!!