Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Art of Being Santa

Even though Christmas is over and done with and my living room is back to normal, I wanted to share a memory that stood out to me as I was going through my pictures.

I love the giving part of Christmas. I wish I had unlimited funds with which to do it, so that I could get all of my loved ones all of the things I’ve jotted down throughout the year that each has said he or she liked. I’m always writing notes on my gift ideas list.

One particular part of giving that I’m really enjoying as a parent is being Santa. I had been Santa’s helper for over 15 years before I had Blair, so I’ve have had a lot of practice – getting it organized, setting it out, and staying up all hours to do it. My mom can probably remember several times I fell asleep on the den floor in the midst of it all!

For us, the whole putting out of the presents is like art. We didn’t just set it all out, it had to be arranged. I don’t know why my mom always made sure everything was set just right. That’s how we did it though, and the practice stuck with me. I have found myself doing the same for Blair that, as the oldest child and Santa’s official helper, I did many years for my brothers and sisters – making art of arranging gifts. It was like a puzzle for me and mom – making the gifts fit together just right and hiding the big gift under something else, inside the pocket of a jacket, or in a purse or bag. And gifts from Santa were never wrapped – until we got older.

For Blair’s three (first, second, third) Christmases now I’ve enjoyed picking out and then carefully arranging gifts for Blair just as I did for many years before – and I look forward to many more!

What are your gift giving traditions?


AA said...

How sweet, Ash! Did you take a picture of everything after it was perfectly placed? PS The Three Kings came yesterday morning via Fedex. Flower sent me some goodies ;)

Ashley said...

I love Christmas traditions, we leave our presents from Santa unwrapped too! Did Blair get her American girl doll?? Bella got 2, we were so excited!