Monday, December 27, 2010

Three days.

Three days? This is the amount of time it takes three fairly competent people to assemble a wooden play set that Santa dropped on our doorstep. THREE days. Three whole days. And the thing doesn’t even come close to looking like three days’ worth of work. It’s pretty and all, but you would think will all that labor invested in it that it would house a family of four! It’s a good thing Brad and I aren’t trying to make a living as builders.

We started here.

santa comes

And I spent and hour or so a few days ahead of time doing this. (it IS organized but it doesn’t look like it.):


And Brad worked on the yard since we had a pretty continuous slope in the back.


Then came the tough part – the first page! Brad asked if we could return the set and buy one already assembled.


And we just had to cut down a tree in the process.


And drag it off into the back back yard – with the truck. The tractor that’s sitting in my yard? It had a dead battery. It’s always something.

021 (2)Blair’s feet! 024 (2)

End of day one. Seriously. That (and the tree) includes about 6 hours of the day.

029 (2) 016

I can’t even count the number of times we had to undo. The directions weren’t all that bad, but sometimes they weren’t really clear or we didn’t read them well. And then the washers weren’t labeled properly. Oh, the washers. We ran out of the big ones and then realized we weren’t even supposed to use them until the end. Lovely.

020 “What do you think this means?”

025 This is the part where they had to undo the roof slats because they put them on upside down.

End of day two (many, many hours).


And we finally finished it up on the third day. But not before we had to rob washers (the wrong ones) off of the rock wall to use somewhere else!

santa's swingset 122210 (13)Robbing washers.

santa's swingset 122210 (17)

We started out so neat and organized, but by the end of the experience, paper and plastic bags were all over the yard.

santa's swingset 122210 (19)

All in all, it was not a bad experience, but if it had gone on one more day Brad and I may have burned it down.

The good things about the experience? The playset is very nice. The company’s customer service is superb. (One of the representatives we talked to – yes, plural, we called many times – said her family was drinking by noon the day they built theirs.) We had all the necessary wood pieces. We used all the wooden pieces. It’s done, and we’re proud of it. And most importantly, Blair loves it (and she better for a long time)!

santa's swingset 122210 (20) Showing Blair her new swing!

santa's swingset 122210 (21)And the slide…

santa's swingset 122210 (23) santa's swingset 122210 (25) santa's swingset 122210 (29) santa's swingset 122210 (42) santa's swingset 122210 (45) santa's swingset 122210 (49) The slide is very fast! Her little 20 pounds pops right up off those bumps!

santa's swingset 122210 (75) Hello everybody!


jmluckie said...

We did one something like this a couple of years ago.Took 4 men all day.Not worth it.I bet you're glad Molly and Josh did the kitchen for you.They're tough also.Glad to see all of you over the holidays.Love you.

Steph said...

My brother in law got one of those for his son over the summer. It took him about 3 days too. I believe he ended up breaking a few pieces, running out of some pieces, and even having some pieces left over!

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

Well it's Cute!! I know she loves it!

How bout y'all build one at gigi's house now?!? ;)

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

Very cute house/playset! She will really enjoy it when the weather warms up. And the magnetic dolls are too cute :) I used to love playing with paper dolls. I said something about it one day to Dillan and he acted like I must've grown up during the depression - ha!

I saw some a long time ago in an old antique shop....wish I would've bought them just to have as a keep sake.

Hope y'all had a great Christmas :)

mountain mama said...

there is NO way we be that patient...way to go. seeing her smiles makes is worth while!!!