Friday, December 10, 2010

Return to Whoville

Once again, for the third year in a row, I dragged the Whoville Christmas tree out of the attic and set it up in the den. I love a Frasier Fur, but the tall skinny tree has a special place in my heart for some reason, and it’s not actually that bad. It’s just very tall – and very skinny.

This year, instead of the tin ornaments I had been using, I dragged out my old ornaments from when I had my own house and the ones that Brad and I got at my Christmas wedding shower – which I loved. I made the bow for my tree at my old house forever ago, and it still looks pretty good!

009 (2) 100

I think it’s prettier without the flash but easier to see with it!

I think the tree turned out okay. I thought it might be a bit tacky at first because it’s such a mixture of stuff, but it’s us, and I like it.

We have some neat ornaments on our tree. Brad’s mom gave eight big balls in my favorite colors. They are just about as big as this tree is wide!


Brad gave me this snowman at my Christmas wedding shower. Sweet boy. And I love snowmen.


And I have a few really special ornaments that a sweet student gave me. Two of them are this piƱata and sombrero.


I also put a large tree in Blair’s room. I used my red, green, and blue tin ornaments on that one. I found the lighted presents at Sam’s. They go perfectly with the ornaments.


011 012

I got these at Macy’s one year the day after Thanksgiving. I love the Santa jack-in-the-box and Santa on the airplane.

Blair helped me decorate her tree, and she had all of her ornaments hung on one branch!

blair's christmas tree 112110 (1) blair's christmas tree 112110 (4) blair's christmas tree 112110 (7) blair's christmas tree 112110 (10)

The last little tree we have is on our dresser. On it, I put ornaments specific to the three of us and what we enjoy. There’s the wedding couple with our names on it, the tractor, the cheerleader, fishing stuff, and some of Blair’s first Christmas ornaments and the angel she got in the NICU. I want to keep adding to this one as we grow as a family. I’ll have to get a nurse ornament for me for next year!

002 (3)

Those are our trees!

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Unknown said...

Looks good Ash!

Amy said...

they look great! i love ornaments that have sentimental meaning. love how blair decorated all on one's similar to how jeffrey decorates - ha! ;)

AA said...

Beautiful, Ash!!

CHERI said...

I love Christmas ornaments...especially those that have special meaning! Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

What a cute "Whoville" tree! I love how you used the ornaments that have a special story with them! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!!


Our trees are decorated almost identical! Stop by my blog and see : )